Introduction: The Other Decoration for Center Table

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like i said in other instructable the same idea for a detail in center of a table , but in this i add all the details in the box and a better work

like always please sorry for the misuse of the language and the quality of the photos (i'm poor XD) i use my cell phone (And really need a lens polish)

Step 1: The Box

i need a box for the batteries and the pcb and a way to change the batteries, cheap easy and i don´t want to spare time looking for one in the store

if you want the box only for light change the distance of the leds and change the top part for an acrylic or something that works for you

Step 2: Working

i make the pcb with copper clad board and ferric chloride
i made 2 holes for the wires and in the battery holder, i move the wires for fit the holes in the pcb (silver wire ground, red 1 from batteries to the switch and second red wire from switch to pcb)
for making the pcb and the battery holder stay together i use double-sided tape, afther that i put all inside the box and weld the switch

the smd led 3528 use 20mA /0.06 W with 3 volts and each battery gives 1100-3000 mAh at 1.5v maybe the leds can stay on for 6 to10 hours, and offers 5 to 8 lm from each led

Step 3: Thanks

the lamp its going to be covered with sand for an event in the beach (it´s give the visual correction and cover the box)

Thanks and I hope you like it, if you want to add some correction feel free to let a comment.

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