Introduction: Back to School Applique A=apple

To make this cute iron on you need the following materials:

1. a blank or solid colored t-shirt dress in cotton (no mix please!)

2. print and cut out the templates (here you will find the link: )

3.Iron-On Adhesive (strong)

4.different cotton fabrics


6. ironing

7.board cloth (such as a cotton fabric scrap piece)


Step 1: Cut Out the Templates

using paper scissors, cut out each of the templates from the template page.

Step 2: Trace Templates

Using a pencil, trace the templates onto the iron on adhesive. Be sure to flip over the templates so that they are facing you with the wrong side up.

Step 3: Templates Are Traced

follow the next step now.

Step 4: Iron the Templates Onto Fabric

Cut out each letter and set your iron to the highest heat and without steam. Place each template
with the rough side onto the wrong side of the fabric and press about 10-15 seconds or according to the iron on adhesive.

Step 5: Get Ready to Iron the Letters On

Peel of the backing of each template and position them onto the dress (or other project).

Carefully place a pressing cloth or scrap fabric onto one section of the
templates, being careful not to shift them. Press 15-20 seconds or according to the iron on adhesive. Make sure not to move the iron! Once one section is pressed, reposition the pressing cloth and press the remaining area.

Step 6: All Done!

The project is done! All without sewing a stitch! If you prefer to sew around the letters please do so! In order to ensure this iron on to last many washes, it is recommended to stitch around the letters. I like using my straight stitch but you can use a zigzag stitch as well. Enjoy your back to school project!