Introduction: Back to School Pencil Nail Art

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Going back to school can be a drag, but it doesn't have to be! What better way to go back to school in style than with awesome nail art!

Step 1: Classic Yellow

First, paint your nail with a light yellow color.

Step 2: Shading

Next, using a darker yellow (I used a Migi Nail art pen in classic yellow), paint two stripes down the nail. I took my lines a little farther than I should. You will want to stop the lines where the silver horizontal line will start. This prevents the lines from creating a weird bump when you paint over it later.

* for a slightly more advanced illusion, fill in the left and right sides with your darker yellow. This will give it a more authentic/realistic look.

Step 3: The Eraser

Paint the tip of your nail with a dusty pink color. You can make the eraser as big or small as you want - it really just depends on what you want to create. And don't worry about it if your line is a bit jagged. You can cover it in the next step.

Step 4: The Metal

Lastly, use a silver polish to create the metal ring on the pencil. Here you can cover up your edge of the pink polish if you need to.

Finish it off with a clear coat and you're ready to study in style!