Introduction: Back Yard Fun or Hillbilly Slip N Slide

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Its been a hot one this summer. My daughter wants to play in the sprinklers all the time and it uses a lot of water .Found a old waterbed mattress so i decided to build her a slip an slider. And away we go!!!


Old waterbed mattress
Pool noodles 6 to 8
Waterproof tape

Step 1: Gather It Up

Im not sure why i had a old waterbed mattress ,but this one had a hole in it.

Step 2: Cut Longways

Step 3: Cut the Side and One End

Step 4: Lay It Out Smooth Side Up

Step 5: Turn the Other Peice Onside Out

This will become the water pool at the end. Or cut it and make a longer slide.

Step 6: Add Noodles

Add some noodles to hold the pool. Tape the slide to the pool. Use other noodles to bumper the the slide so that water runs into the pool.

Step 7: Side Away

Add a hose or sprinkler to the end with the spout . RUN JUMP AND SLIDE.

Want to go faster use a bar of soap rub down the track and its faster then a greased pig!
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