Introduction: Mask Made Form Real Skin

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If you came to this thinking it was a beauty treatment.....Run!!!!!! this is not for you.

Yes this is a mask made from skin and you can make one too. First throw a person in a dry well and tell them " it puts the lotion on its skin" No!!!NO!!!!!!NO!!!! Don't do that we will not be going all Ed Gein. This will be done with a dog bone.

But it will still feel creepy doing it

Step 1: Prepare the Skin

Time to prepare the skin i use a rolled up raw hide dog treat. I looked for a fairly smooth one any will work but the hide has a bit of a memory and knots and creases will show back up which could cool, but not for this one.Toss it in a bucket of water and hold it under till the bubbles are gone. Do something else for eight or more hours. After the time has past or so slowly start to unroll it. Place back in bucket and come back to it in a day. It takes twenty four or so hours to soften it can be left longer but theWATER HAS TO BE CHANGED DAILY or it will stink.

Step 2: GET a HEAD

Meet Boris my trusty polystrine head of sixteen years i got him at Monster Makers and they no longer have Boris but have other heads and are the best generic mask forms cheap and long lasting. I have made many masks and appliances on boris and he has held up great.You could use a plaster bandage form for this project but you will have to seal it.

Step 3: Chalk It Up to Something

I wanted to have referances so i chalked poor Boris eyes,mouth and nose .

Step 4: Let Us Pin It on Boris

So the raw hide has soaked for twenty four hours give or take. Now it is time to flesh this project out. Squese out excess water and slap some skin on Boris. With pins start to map out the facial features.

Step 5: Pull and Strecth It Out

As you pin Boris facial features pull and strecth to eleaviate wrinkes and put pins everware many many pins around detailed areas like eyes and nose and mouth. You may encounter a larger excess or flap cut this with a razor and overlap and pin it to the cheek,or other area of your choice.

Step 6: Eye Opening Experience

Time to open his eyes so with a sharp razor i cut his eyes out. Next pin the eye lid open, I will cut his mouth open when he is dry.

Step 7: Time to Wait Again

leave the pins in for another twenty four hours. Then take the pins out and wait another twenty four leaving the skin mask on the form.This is a lot of waiting surf instructables and find something new and exciting or just hibernate.

Step 8: Make It Up

So i decided not to just leave it white and I gave him a coat of paint darking his eyes and mouth and a bit of accent on the cheeks.


well that it is it a mask made of skin no victims required add some elastic and where it or some wire and hang it.

Step 10: Thanks for Looking

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