Introduction: Back to School Fashion Tips

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Here are some get-noticed back-to-school fashion tips. ;-)))))

Step 1: 80's Style

If you want to get noticed you might as well wear something colorful. 80's works just perfectly!

Green Peace Shirt: Ransom Girl
Blue Skinny Jeans: Vigoss Amethyst Collection
Rainbow Shoes: Skechers
White Heart Hoodie: Unknown
Purple Skinny Jeans: Vigoss Amethyst Collection
Hightop Converse: Chuck Taylor Allstar (Laces not included)

Models: My sisters

Step 2: Goth

Another way to get noticed is Goth. Black, grey and other darkcolors makes you stand out in all the neutral colors.

Black Rocker Sandals: Trico
Black Tights: Justice
Grey and Black Shirt: Amy Byer (No picture)

Step 3: Preppy

Are you a person who wants to look smart but stylish? Preppy is just for you.

Black Ballet Flats: Xhilaration
Blue Flower Shirt: George
Jean Tights: Justice
Preppy Belt: HSM Walmart

Step 4: Additional Tips

Here are some more tips to help you survive school.

Step 5: Schoolbag Blues

Instead of a boring schoolbag, use an oversized purse!

Step 6:

Decorate your school supplies with singers or actors or even pictures of your crush! :-))))

Step 7: Locker Combination

Keep your locker combination taped in a notebook or something.

Step 8: White Out

Keep some white-out with you just in case.

Step 9: Post It Notes

It's always good to keep some post it notes in your school box. How else will you write notes to your friends?

Step 10: Highlighters

Get two or three highlighters in case the teachers want you to to highlight certain stuff different colors.

Step 11: Plain Notebooks

If you have a plain notebook, just stick pictures on it. That'll be much better.

Step 12: Colored Lock

Get a colored lock for your locker. It'll help you identify your locker easier.

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