Introduction: Back to School Tuna Lunch Box (GF)

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Step 1: How To

1. Start by preparing all the ingredients. Mix the tuna, mayonnaise and mustard in a bowl, making sure all the ingredients are well combined. Then cut the dried apricots into little squares using scissors. You could use a knife but they are a little sticky inside so scissors give you a cleaner cut. Finally slice the cherry tomatoes in half. The spring onion should also be cut into little slices and the cucumber should be sliced thinly.

2. Then it's time to open up the different compartments of the Bento box. I like to start by lining the bottom of the box with the lettuce. Then I spread the tuna evenly on top of the lettuce and lightly flatten it so the 'top bunk' sits nicely above it.

The next compartment contains a cute little tray, divided into two sections - usually meant for things like soy sauce - but in this case it is great for the apricots and spring onion as it stops them absorbing any moisture or going soggy.

I lined the top bunk of the box with lettuce too and then placed the cucumber on top. Having it sliced like that means you can still close the box without it taking up too much room. Then I placed the cherry tomatoes around the cucumber. You might have to jiggle things a bit to make it flush with the top and the lid fits snuggly.

3. And that's it, however - if you're using a normal, single compartment lunch box you can of course just mix all the ingredients together and have it as a normal salad.

Step 2: Pack Your Box

Don't forget to pack your lunchbox in your bag! Too many times I've left it sitting on the counter, just staring at me awkwardly when I get home. Sigh.

Bonne rentrée! Good luck for the coming year!