Backdrop Roller and Pulley System




Introduction: Backdrop Roller and Pulley System

Excellent roller pulley system for a photography backdrop.

Very cheep and very easy to make. Can easily support a 15m length of 3m paper backdrop.
Cost: (excluding the backdrop)~ AUD$20-$30

The tube clamp is the same as a bicycle handlebar clamp.

Step 1: You Will Need

You need:

Backdrop to hang

Hacksaw Hanging hooks: Suitably strong fixed to a suitably strong wall or ceiling beam.

Rigid piping: PVC is great: SMALLER diameter than the interior of the backdrop roll.

Threaded metal Rod: longer than each length of pipe.

WASHERS metal/metal plate bigger than pipe diameter and smaller than backdrop diameter. a Square plate works great.

A couple of Nuts.

Horn Cleat: nautical thing for tying ropes to.

Soft noodle is optional but makes it easier to hold in place.

Flanges: for pinching a rope between as a pulley ( I might have the wrong name)

Pipe glue

Step 2: Construction of Roller

Cut the pipe as shown in the photo and put it together as above.

both ends are based on the same method. One end will need the two flanges glued on to hold the roller rope.
Make sure you leave enough room for them before cutting your length.
Note that the rope is pinched by the two flanges. I had to heat them and bend them so that when I pulled on the rope the downward pressure would ensure that the rope pinches in the groove and is able to turn the backdrop.

Step 3: Tie Down

Screw your Horn Cleat to the wall or something at an appropriate height for you.
Once you have pulled the roller backdrop up or down simply wind your chord around it to stop the roller moving any more.

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    4 years ago

    really cannot understand how you build this staff.

    Could you please add some details/pictures?

    Thanks :D


    5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing, what did you secure the other end with?


    Reply 5 years ago

    the same system on the other end except you don't need the flanges. or you could use a solid hook.
    the bonus of using a long piece of pipe is that you can give yourself some horizontal movement.