Backlit Embroidery

Introduction: Backlit Embroidery

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This is a simple but effective way of decorating the outside of something, making it look like a shape has been backlit.

You will need:
A piece of felt
A pencil/chalk
Assorted colours of embroidery floss
An embroidery needle (large eye)

Start by outlining the shape on the felt. Simple shapes are easiest, but there's no reason why a complicated silouhette wouldn't work.

I like to work in multi-colour, so start by selecting the lightest colour in my range, and thread my needle with a length of that. Start from a point on the outline of the shape, and using long stitches, work away from the drawn edge. I like to vary the length of these stitches, so it looks a little less organised! If changing colours, work a section of the shape, and then change over. The length of section is up to you...

Make sure all ends are securely tied off, and trim close to the knot.


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