Introduction: Backpacking Spork From Gas Station Frozen Yogurt Spoon

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Here are instructions for how to turn a cheap plastic spoon from a RaceTrac frozen yogurt bar into a backpacking spork with a knife. You might ask, "why not just buy one for $2?" Well, you could, but for the same price, you could have some DIY fun and also get some tasty frozen yogurt to go with it!

Step 1: What You'll Need

You're gonna need the spoon (duh), a pair of sturdy scissors, and a knife. If you got a really weird yogurt spoon that has really strong plastic instead of the soft, cuttable kind, then consider a Dremel instead. I never actually needed the wire cutters, so just ignore them.

Step 2: Make It!

Follow the pictures to see what I did to make a spork. I first cut out the fork part with the knife. Then I made a straight edge with the scissors and cut a serrated pattern into it to make a knife. Finally I used a file the smooth everything down and remove any plastic pieces that I would otherwise have eaten and likely gotten sick from. If you're wondering about the hole in the handle, then I can explain: ever have one of those "aha" moments that turned out to be really stupid and you end up wondering why you even thought of it? I thought I would shave grams by hollowing out the center of the handle. Then I realized that I would shave MAYBE 1/2 of a gram and make it far less durable. So now it has a nice carabiner hole. In the middle of the handle. Oh well. Anyway, now you have a nice plastic spork to take with you on your next trip!