Introduction: Paracord Jedi/Sith Key Fobs From Scraps

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Have you ever been making paracord stuff and then looked at all the scrap pieces and thought "it is too late for me, son..." Well, meesa back with another Instructable, and teach you I can, hhhmmmm! This is a way to make any Star Wars character with a lightsaber (or more than one) pretty easily.

Step 1: Control, You Must Learn Control...

Yousa gonna need:

-two scrap lengths of paracord, at least a little over a foot long

-a paper clip bent straight to about the length of a lightsaber

-a scrap of paracord to be the lightsaber

-if you want to make the cool force lightning version of Emperor Palpatine, use the white inner strands from a scrap of paracord

Step 2: Teach You Now, I Will

Make a paracord buddy. Do this by first tying a double overhand knot near the top as shown. Then use the cobra stitch ( from the bottom up for the torso, then finish off both feet and one hand with an overhand knot. Simple.

Step 3: The Lightsaber Is the Jedi's Only True Allie

Fuse one end of the scrap and leave the other end open. Stick the paperclip into the open end and then fuse it slightly. The goal here is not to clamp the paracord shut on the paper clip, so don't try to do that.

Step 4: Arm Yourself

Tie and overhand knot in the arm and stick the paperclip saber through it.

Step 5: It's Not the Jedi Way... "Glewit"

Bend the paper clip into a hook to hold it in place. You'll notice that the lightsaber blade will slide off easily, so super glue it down and deal with the fact that you used something besides a knot.

Step 6: Done

Nobody says you have to do a Luke Skywalker. This is a simple design, so you can modify it any way you can think of! I want to see your Yodas, Mauls, Grevouses, Dookus, Rens, Pong Krells, Ashokas, and every other Jedi and Sith you know! Don't forget to click "I Made It!" to show off!

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