Introduction: Backyard Duct Tape Kayak

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I was looking for a small kayak to paddle around our creek and I found out that they are $100-200! I knew that I could make one on the cheap and what better material than duct tape!

Step 1: Gather Materials


  1. four 10 ft long 1/2 in diameter of SCH 40 PVC pipe (3.048 meters) $6 £4
  2. around 4 rolls of duct tape $28 £17
  3. 2 corner tees $2 £1
  4. 4 tees $4£2.5


  1. saw
  2. scissors
  3. thats all!

Step 2: Put the Frame Together

cut two 7.5 ft (2.2 meters) long pieces

get a corner tee and put the 7.5ft long pieces into it then get another corner tee and stick the other side of the pvc pipe into it. (its supposed to bend :) ) I had to wrap some duct tape around the middle so the PVC pipe wouldn't come out of the corner tee.

Cut the middle of the PVC pipe and add a tee.

Get a two pieces of pvc pipe and put them in the corner tees.

Add an elbow to the two pieces (make sure the elbows point towards each other)

Put a piece 7ft 2in long of PVC pipe into the two elbows.

Cut the piece you just added in the middle and add a tee then cut about an inch away from it and add another tee.

Put a piece 20 in of PVC pipe in to the tees

now you are ready for DUCT TAPE!


Get the duct tape and put pieces around only one side (this will allow you to achieve the "boat" form)

wrap about a foot then wrap horizantally all around the frame make sure you overlap the duct tape about half do this for the whole frame

then if there are any "creases" (see picture) duct tape horizantally

Step 4: Make a Name!

make up a name! I named mine "fixed it" because thats what duct tape does it fixes stuff!

Step 5: Leaks

When you test it if there are any leaks the culprit maybe in the middle where there are horizantal pieces of duct tape to fix this just add a piece of duct tape where the horizantal and vertical pieces meet

Step 6: Make the Paddle!

No kayak is complete without a paddle!

what you need for a paddle

  1. a little length of vines
  2. duct tape
  3. 25 in piece of PVC pipe
  4. a PVC pipe tee

make a loop and duct tape where the two ends of the loop meet then wrap the whole thing (except a little part of the vine on the end) in duct tape. put a 25 in piece of PVC pipe on the part you didn't duct tape then add a tee to the end of the PVC pipe

then go kayaking in a river!

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