Introduction: Backyard Pallet Bench

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This sturdy bench can easily be made with a couple pallets for your backyard. It’s so easy, you only need a hand saw and a hammer to build it!

My hobby is to find abandoned materials and turn them into something cool! Pallets are a great resource but please make sure you obtain your pallet legally and ensure that it is abandoned and not intended to be returned by the owner. Here’s a great guide for deciding what pallet to use!

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Step 1: Find the Pallets

I found 3 old pallets about the same size behind a bar near my house. I liked the look of the red one but found out later that means it’s been chemically treated to not catch fire. If you find a red or blue pallet, just be sure to wear a mask while sanding it and keep food away from it.

Make sure the pallets aren’t rotten or broken anywhere and get ready to cut them.

Step 2: Cutting the Pallets

Before working with the wood, be sure to wear gloves to protect from splinters and a mask to protect from the dust while sawing and sanding.

Use the wood saw to cut all three pallets exactly the same. If you follow the pictures above, you should end up with 3 large halves and 3 small halves. Don’t worry about sanding them right now since most of the cuts will be hidden or scrap.

Step 3: Stack the Pallets

(Click on the image for more info)

You should now have 3 large halves and 3 small halves. Against a wall, stack the 3 large halves on top of each other with the nicest side facing out. Then take the nicest small half and lean it against the wall on top of the stack. Set the leftover 2 small halves aside for now.

Here is where you can play with design and angle of the backrest. Since it's leaning against a wall, try sitting on it a few times to make sure the backrest is comfortable. Once this is done, pull 2 boards off one of the unused small halves to use in the next step as the support board.

Step 4: Attach the Support Boards

Cut both support boards (from the previous step) to match the height of the bench. Nail the support boards into the blocks of the pallets (shown in the image) to secure all the pallets together. Do this on the other side and then it will be secure and stable. You can now pull it away from the wall and use it wherever you want.

The last step is to clean and sand the pallets. Using a strong knife, break off any large splinters that might catch on clothing. Use a damp rag or paper towel to wipe the pallets and wait for it to dry. Use the medium grit sandpaper to smooth over the sitting area until it’s as smooth as you want it.

You can seal it with a varnish but I prefer the natural look and pallets are treated to be durable outdoors. Enjoy!

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