Introduction: Backyard Play Sprinkler (in 3 Easy Steps!)

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It's my kid's first time facing a summer in the south since moving into the new home...and they are DYING with all this heat and humidity. HOWEVER, life in the sun is always a little better with water this was a quick project that let me give the kids a way to deal with the heat.

As an added bonus, we got to recycle a used plastic bottle!



Empty 2 liter soda bottle

Garden hose


Power drill

3D printer

Step 1: Soda Bottle... POP!

The first step was to take an empty 2 liter bottle and drill several small holes in it.

Try and spread the holes around and focus them on one side of the bottle (these will be the holes the water sprays out from)

Step 2: Make a Coupler

Ok so the main objective here is to just get a garden hose to couple to the soda bottle.

I imagine a healthy dose of duct tape or even flex tape could work to make a coupler that doesn't leak

But I'm a nerd, and I have access to a 3D I decided to print something.

Plus... how often do you hear about getting to model and print a custom "garden hose to soda bottle threaded coupler"? Couldn't pass that up!

Anyway, I included an STL so you other folks could print your own too.

Step 3: Make a SPLASH!


You've got the bottle.

You've got the coupler.

Now grab a hose, hook up to the faucet, and have some fun while keeping cool!

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