Introduction: Backyard Sport Complex

A backyard that the whole family can enjoy. An overgrown backyard transforms into enjoyment for all. The days of insulation from the pandemic is a breeze.


Railroad ties
Lumber/building materials
Fill dirt
Fake grass
Basketball backstop and net

Step 1: Backyard Before Project Began

It's time to get started, overgrown backyard. Making a sports complex for my family

Step 2: Cleaning and Clearing

Cleaning and clearing the land for what is to come.

Step 3: Garage Is Being Built

Building a garage first. The frame is constructed from treated 4x4's and 2x4's. Plywood nailed to the trusses for the roof covered with metal.

Step 4: Garage Is Finished

Added T1 - 11 to the outside, garage doors and stained.

Step 5: Batting Cages/ Golf Driving Range

Added Railroad ties and fill dirt topped with crushed concrete for the cage base.

Step 6: Creating the Golf Putting Green

Adding weed block, clean fill dirt topped with crushed concrete. Compact with a compactor. 50 yards of fill and crushed concrete.

Step 7: All Done

Complete, installed nets for batting cages/driving range, fake grass, rocks, concrete for basketball.

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