Introduction: Backyard Pool Grotto With Slide and Hot Tub.

Backyard pool grotto with slide
and hot tub.


Preformed cardboard tubs, rebar, rebar wire ties, metal lath, burlap, pvc piping, high strength concrete, concrete block, Portland cement, clean sand, stucco mix, water proofing, paint, lots of time and patience.

Step 1: Digging Holes and Adding Cardboard Pilings With Rebar

Dig holes to 30" to 36" in depth in the desired location where support is needed. Install cardboard preformed round tubes and add 3 pieces of rebar spaced equally apart into the tubes and fill with high strength concrete. Make sure about 12" of rebar sticks out of the top of the preformed cardboard tubes.

Step 2: Attaching Rebar to Create a Structure

Attach rebar to poured concrete and rebar from the previous step, bend the rebar to the shape that you desire. Overlap and tie each piece of rebar at a minimum of 18" overlap and wire tie together tight. When creating the structure rebar should be no further than 8" from the next piece. Make squares. Use concrete block to form the hot tub. Install rebar inside each opening.

Step 3: Install Lath and Burlap

After the structure is complete with rebar you must add metal lath and or burlap to the inside of the structure. Cut small enough pieces and fold to put inside the rebar and use rebar wire to fasten to the rebar. This allows the concrete to stay in place. Also, at this step run electrical piping for lights and plumbing for any other water feature you are looking to create.

Step 4: Mix and Place Concrete Onto the Structure.

Mix high strength concrete and place on the entire structure. Use gloves and a shovel to place the concrete on the rebar and lath. Must be 3" to 4" thick. Be sure the entire structure is covered. For the under side or vertical walls mix on the thick side and throw on the lath and push in with a hand with gloves. Some will fall down but over time it will all be covered.

Step 5: Install a Final Coat to Ensure Water Proofing

Mix Portland cement with clean sand and stucco mix and cover the entire structure. 1 Scoop of cement and 2 scoops of sand and 1 scoop of stucco with water, mix thoughly. As it dries, use basic tools like trowels and/or imprint tools. Imprint tools can be a paint roller that has some dried concrete on it. When lightly rolled on the structure it will make the a concrete look like real rock. Where water will be running use a water proofing mix to ensure water will not enter the cracks in the concrete. Sorry, the photo is upside down.

Step 6: Paint the Structure

Paint the structure with the concrete paint found at home improvement stores. Use a light base coat to cover the entire structure first then darker colors to add highlights.

Step 7: Some Videos of the Finished Project.

Step 8: Turn on the Water

Turn on the water and enjoy your masterpiece. The neighbors will be jealous.

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