Introduction: Bacon-Babs

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Bacon Shish Kebab 5 Ways

  • Bacon-on-a-Stick a.k.a. Pork-Ribbons
    Thick cut bacon grilled on a stick.
  • Bacon-Spears
    Asparagus spears wrapped in bacon, grilled on skewers.
  • Bacon-Brussels
    Skewered Brussels sprouts wrapped in bacon.
  • Bacon-Dog
    Bacon wrapped hot dogs with cheese on a stick.
  • Bacon-Grilled-Cheese
    Cheese wrapped in bacon and grilled on a stick.

Before we start cooking you need to prepare the Shish Kebab. Start by pre-soaking the wood skewers and the vegetables, so they don't dry out and burn as easily.


  • Shish Kebab Skewers
  • Fire
  • Lots of Bacon
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Asparagus Spears
  • Hot Dogs
  • Cheese

Step 1: Bacon-on-a-Stick A.k.a. Pork-Ribbons

To prepare Thick cut bacon grilled on a stick:

  • Start with some thick cut bacon strips.
  • Skewer the Bacon along the length of the strip by threading the skewer like a needle in and out of the bacon.
  • The bacon will have a wavy look on the skewer like a ribbon.

Step 2: Bacon-Spears

Now we prepare the asparagus spears wrapped in bacon, on a stick:

  • First soak the asparagus spears in salt water to soften them, and help prevent burning.
  • Remove the spears from their water bath.
  • If some of the spears are very long, with a woody end, cut that end off.
  • Wrap each asparagus spears with bacon. Try to cover the entire spear.
  • Skewer the ends of a few bacon spears together. I put five spears together on two skewers.

Step 3: Bacon-Brussels

Now we prepare the Skewered Brussels sprouts wrapped in bacon:

  • First soak the sprouts in salt water to soften them. You could pre-boil them to soften them even more, depending on how you like your Brussels sprouts.
  • Remove the sprouts from their water bath.
  • If some of the sprouts are very large, cut them in half. Small sprouts can be grilled whole.
  • Skewer the end of one strip of bacon, then push one sprout onto the skewer.
  • Wrap the bacon over the sprout, and put the bacon on the skewer again.
  • Skewer another Brussels sprout, then fold the bacon over it like you did before.
  • Keep threading the bacon strip between the Brussels.

Step 4: Bacon-Dog

Now we prepare the Bacon wrapped hot dog with cheese:

  • Put each hot dog on a skewer, with some sticking out each end.
  • Cut a piece of cheese the length of the dog.
  • Skewer the end of a bacon strip to secure it to the dog.
  • Wrap the bacon around both the hot dog, and the cheese. Try to completely cover the cheese.

Step 5: Bacon-Grilled-Cheese

Now we prepare some cheese wrapped in bacon on a stick.

  • Cut the cheese into strips.
  • Wrap each piece of cheese with bacon. Try to completely cover the cheese.
  • Either skewer the cheese sticks lengthwise, or cut them into short pieces and put several on a skewer.

Step 6: Fire!

To prepare my barbecue grill, I used wood charcoal.

Place the Bacon-Babs on the grill and watch them, bacon can burn quickly.

Once the cheese filled kebabs started to drip, I move them onto a folded piece of foil, so they could continue to cook, without loosing the cheese.

I charred most of the bacon and burned the asparagus, because the fire got bigger once bacon grease started dripping. Let the coals burn down more before cooking so you have a smaller fire.

Step 7: Eat!

Even with some of the bacon charred, and the asparagus burnt, it all still tasted good. None of the bacon was under cooked. Next time I will try to cook it slower over a lower heat.

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