Introduction: Orange Peel Eggs

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Orange Peel Eggs are simply eggs, cooked in an orange peel. I first learned to cook eggs this way in the Boy Scouts. It is a way to cook eggs on an open fire without any pans or dishes. I made these eggs in my office toaster oven with a little tin foil to hold them up.


  • One Orange
  • Two Eggs (I use about 3 oz. liquid egg substitute, or egg whits)
  • Garnish as desired (I used hot sauce)

Cooking Time:

  • 5 min. preparation
  • 10 min. cooking

Step 1: Prepare the Orange

Cut an orange in half. Scoop out, or eat the orange ‘meat’ while keeping the peels of each half intact. Since I’m cooking for myself, I just ate the orange out. You can make this with any other fruit with a stiff peel, like most citrus.

Step 2: Put Egg Into Orange

Crack an egg in each half, or fill each half orange with about 1.5 oz. of liquid egg. In this example I am using Publix Eggstirs. Don't fill the orange to the brim, the egg will rise.

Step 3: Cook the Orange Egg

Bake or otherwise cook the orange peel egg. Check that it is done with a fork, see that egg is cooked through. I cooked this orange in the office toaster oven with some tin foil to hold it in place. I set the oven to 450 and cooked it for About 10 min. I’ve cooked orange eggs before over an open fire, no pan needed. I don't like the texture of microwaved egg, but it will cook.

Step 4: Eat the Eggs

I like to serve these eggs by cutting each in half, giving you orange egg wedges. I also sprinkled it with some habanero hot sauce.

Enjoy. This is my first instructable. I'm sharing a simple idea for cooking eggs. I look forward to seeing what you all think and what you make.

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