Introduction: Bacon & Cheddar Biscuits (Savoury Scones)

One of my childhood favorite Summer time foods was scones. Rather similar to the american biscuit but exclusively eaten with sweet items such as jam. However I never really had much of a sweet tooth and having to smoother them in jam and cream was even less appealing. Fast forward to early adulthood and I have decided to change the humble scone to something more in line with my taste buds. This Scone has been made with excessive helpings of bacon, Mature Cheddar, bell peppers and the fiery side taste of black pepper. To Garnish these scones I have opted to use Sour Cream and Chive mixture as a nod to the clotted cream used on traditional scones.

This recipe has been rather difficult and I found that the addition of so many dense ingredients has made the scone rather heavier, more difficult to cut/shape and longer to properly cook, If your not put off by this then I would absolutely recommend trying to make them they are definitely worth it as they taste brilliant, and are a wonderful alternative to the normal scones with cream and jam.

Step 1: Prep

As always I like to have all of my prep ready chopped before I start cooking, I would recommend that you spend some time chopping up everything that needs to be chopped or prepped before hand and then keeping them in small bowls until use. It really makes everything a lot quicker and more efficient.


500g of strong Flour

250ml of Full Fat Milk

100g of Salted Butter

200g of Strong Cheddar (Roughly Cubed)

5 rashers of Bacon (Finely diced)

2 bell peppers (Finely Diced)

salt & pepper

1 egg for Glazing

Serves 11

200C Gas Mark 6 400F for 20-25 Minutes

Step 2: Mixing Dry Ingredients

It is very important to not kneed or mix the ingredients, as this will knock the little air in them out, rather you should employ a rubbing in technique, for those unfamiliar it involves rubbing the mixture in between your fingers and thumb.

Picture 1. In a large bowl rub the 500g of Flour with the 100g of butter, it should form fine breadcrumbs when you have properly rubbed it all in.

Picture 2. Add the Chopped bacon and use the same rubbing in method to mix it in.

Picture 3. Add the 200g of Cubed Cheddar and again rub it in with the flour and bacon.

Picture 4. Again Rub in the Finely diced Bell Peppers.

Picture 5. Finally add a generous sprinkle of black pepper, i would say around 1 Tsp, but there isn't really need to measure. Then a generous couple pinches of salt to taste.

Step 3: Adding the Milk

It is very important to not over work the mixture otherwise you will end up making bread instead of scones. also you should stop mixing as soon as the mixture has been brought together.

Picture 1. Make a well in the centre of the mixture.

Picture 2. Pour the milk in to the centre of the Well

Picture 3. Moving the bowl and pushing the outside in to fill the well bring the mixture together gently.

Step 4: Shaping and Glazing

Do not use a rolling pin this will force the air out and all that time you spent rubbing in will be wasted. Also I only managed to get around 11 out of my mixture but you will likely get slightly more as I made my quite large.

Picture 1. lightly flour a surface and then tip the bowl out on to the surface.

Picture 2. pat the top and sides to get to your idea thickness and then cut out in to 11 pieces.

Picture 3. Oil or greece a large oven tray.

Picture 4. With a fork prepare the glaze by beating the egg.

Picture 5. Finally glaze all of the scones before they go in the oven.

Step 5: Baking

200C Gas Mark 6 400F for 20-25 Minutes

Picture 1. Ensure that the oven is preheated prior to use and then cook for 20-25 mins at 200C

Step 6: Thank You for Reading

Finally I recommend that you serve them warm with generous helpings of butter or sour cream & chives with an ice cold beer, because English tea just wouldn't fit with this anymore. :)

Thank you for reading , if you have any comments or queries please contact me and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.