Introduction: Bacon Flavored Caramel Syrup!

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Caramel and bacon flavors are very popular right now. Last year I made a couple of coffee instructables and a comment was made about bacon coffee. The thought was not very appealing to me but I thought if I had an opportunity I might try to make some and share here. I decided to try and pull off a bacon flavored coffee. I made several different versions and my husband was the taster and I might add a good sport! He is not an gourmet coffee fan and I don't drink coffee so it was a challenge. The salty bacon flavor was exceptionable to me but the slight film on the top was not appealing. I finally gave up on the whole idea and decided to make a Bacon flavored maple candy instead! It was not only delicious but it gave me an idea to make some Bacon flavored caramel syrup which might work in the coffee I originally wanted to make.

In my search on-line I discovered stores are selling bacon flavored everything. I was wondering how do they make bacon flavored food without the fat film.  I noticed a link about Jack In The Box selling bacon flavored milk shakes that caught my attention! I discovered that the shakes are not made with real bacon. I was a little disappointed but was very confident my recipe would work out just fine, and it did! My husband loved the flavor and requested more! That is a good sign yes? Follow through and I will show you how to make your own and you can be the judge! 

Step 1: Ingredients and Utinsils

There are a lot of caramel recipes about how to make caramel from scratch if you want to do that. I used Smucker's topping because I had some on hand. I am not sure how homemade will perform in this recipe because store bought products contain more complex ingredients that might have made this recipe work. I did not add the bacon pieces to my syrup because I am using it for another instructable. Adding the bacon bits will add more flavor in my opinion. 

1/2 Cup Smucker's Topping
2 Strips of fried bacon and reserve the bacon fat 
1-2 Tablespoons bacon fat I used 2 rounded Tablespoons and could probably be safe with 3 but 4 might be stretching it, making it too oily.
Salt as desired
Wooden spoon, measuring spoons, measuring cup, jar with lid, and a heavy bottomed pan

Step 2: Method

Melt the bacon fat on medium low to high low heat.
Add the caramel topping and stir.
Add the cooked bacon and stir.
When the syrup begins to bubble around the edges of the pan immediately remove the syrup from the heat. Be very careful because the syrup is extremely hot and it does hurt and burn if it gets on your skin. Make sure no one is close especially children!
You do not want the syrup to set up like a hard candy so don't over cook it.I cooked mine longer for my preference, If I want it thinner I set it out so it melts a bit.
Allow mixture to cool and marinate for a few hours.
You can keep the bacon in it or if using it for coffee or tea remove the bacon by re-heating the syrup and serve it with the coffee as a garnish.
It will intensify the bacon flavor yum! 

Step 3: Bottle Syrup and Clean Pan

Pour the syrup into a jar and let it cool.
Put the lid on the jar and store the syrup in the refrigerator.
Wash the pan as soon as possible or the syrup will harden on the pan and be difficult to clean.

Step 4: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

This syrup will be delicious on popcorn, pancakes, ice-cream, and of course in coffee or tea just to name a few. It is quick and easy to make and is surprisingly delicious! You can add different seasonings to it, to compliment what ever foods you will use it on. Go make yourself a batch and brew a nice cup of coffee or tea! Please  let me know what you think! Oh!  Yeah, I almost forgot, they were pretty amazing on our pancakes this morning! I added a little pumpkin spice over the top with whip cream but powdered sugar night be good with it.

I wish to thank instructables, our sponsors, authors, and loyal readers for making this a great place to share. Have a beautiful spring and do visit again soon!

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