Introduction: Bajra Roti - Bajre Ki Roti - How to Make Gluten Free Bread - Indian Flat Bread -

Bajra Roti - Bajre Ki Roti - How To Make Gluten Free Bread - Indian Flat Bread -

Bajra Roti is a gluten free Indian flat bread. Bajra is pearl millet and Roti is a flat bread. This type of bread is widely consumed across the Indian subcontinent and in some states it is called as Bajre Ki Bhakri and Bajra Na Rotla. Bajra roti is best savoured with dry and spicy meat curries. However, if you are not a meat eater, enjoy it with a rich vegetarian curry of your choice.

Many use very little whole wheat flour to make the dough easily pliable. But, we are not going to do that. Bajra roti should be an all bajra affair. Any other interference would ruin the flavours and uniqueness of this wonderful millet.

Our bajra roti recipe will yield 10 rotis, with 96 kilocalories in each.

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Bajra is rich in B complex vitamins and magnesium. Niacin is a B complex vitamin, lowers bad cholesterol. Magnesium promotes heart health by lowering blood pressure thereby preventing the risk of heart attacks.

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