Introduction: Baked Aubergine Cheese Slices

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Baked Aubergine slices with cheese is a fusion recipe, just perfect for both snack and main course. A perfect way to serve Aubergine, freshly baked in airfryer, crisp rice flour and bread crumbs coating gives a crumble texture to the otherwise dull eggplant. A very very healthy recipe :)

Ingredients:Long Aubergine/ Eggplant - 2 pcsRice flour - 2 tbspBread crumbs - 2 tbspMilk - 1 cupChopped coriander - 1/2 cupCheese (quality of your choice) - 1/2 cup gratedSalt, black pepper powder - as per tasteItalian herbs/ Oregano - 1 tsp

Step 1: Steps

Wash aubergine pcs and cut long slices. Prepare a batter of rice flour and milk. Add salt and black pepper powder along with 1 tsp oil.In a plate, mix bread crumbs with coriander and oregano.Dip aubergine slices in bater and then coat with crumbs mixture. Once all slices are coated, top with grated cheese.Place all aubergine slices in preheated air fryer and bake at 180 degrees for 5 min.Once baked, serve immediately with grated carrots for garnishing.