Introduction: Baked Chocolate Cake and Condensed Milk

if you want you can exchange the egg for flaxseed


480 grams of flour, 440 grams of soft butter, 8 eggs, a teaspoon of yeast ,1 can of cooked condensed milk,125 grams of powdered chocolate

Step 1: Mix

mix the soft butter with the sugar

Step 2: Mix

put the chocolate and mix until you have a homogeneous mixture

Step 3: Mix

put the eggs and mix

Step 4: Grease the Form

grease the form

Step 5: Put

put the cake dough in the form

Step 6: Cover and Filling

when the two cakes are cooked, put cooked condensed milk in the middle and put the other cake on top of the other and put more cooked condensed milk

Step 7: If You Whant

if you want you can put chocolate on top

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