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Introduction: Balance Board

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I wanted to get a balance board the ones i found online were very expensive. These are fun to have around and are good for balance. This project is very easy to make and also pretty cheap to make too.

I would recommend 3 inch pvc

Step 1: Get Supplies and Tools Needed

3 inch pvc pipe 2 ft long
2 peice of wood 2 inch wide length of skate board
screws for wood
skateboard deck
4 screws

screw driver
sand paper

Step 2: Assemble

take the 2 pieces of wood and screw them into the skateboard deck from the top two screws in each piece of wood is enough. find the right length pvc pipe or cut one to the right size.

Step 3: Closing

Everybody who comes over wants to try this balance board out. For beginers you can you a flat board instead of the round pvc. For more advanced you can squat down while balancing. Rolling on carpet will make it easier as compared to a wood or cement floor.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Thank you! I loved those things as a kid and thought about getting one as an adult, but the price was way too steep. Never thought of using plastic pipe and a skateboard. You are brilliant!