Introduction: 100 Truck Modifications

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This is an tutorial is to give you an idea of thing that you can do to your truck to make it customized or to upgrade it. The truck I was doing this to is a 91 Chevrolet S10. I will show you stuff you can add to the exterior and interior. Most of this can be done to any vehicle. Before I got into moding my truck I started with taking pictures of the vehicle.

Things your should know about your vehicle


Plate #

Vehicle Type- Light weight truck

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

Curb Weight

Max Payload Towing Capacity

Pay Load

Cab Size

Brake System

Engine Cylinder

Engine Configuration

Valve Train Design

Engine Brake


Fuel Type

Tire Stock Size

Bed Size

Gas Tank Size


Lug Nut Size

Rim Material

Wheel Drive

Rim Size

Tire Size

Miles to Gallon

Horse Power



Oil Type

Coolant Type

Wiper Blade Length

Hitch Drop

Battery Terminal Bolt Size

Oil Filter

Rear Abs sensor Bolt Size

Step 1: Hanyes Manual

Having a hanes manual is great if you work on your own vehicle. Yes using the internet is good and watching videos but having the in hand manual is great if your internet isn't working or don't have a computer close. This manual breaks down everything in your truck. It has pictures, diagrams,etc...

hears a source to find manuals

Step 2: Body

If your looking at up grading your truck or vechicle a good place to start is with the body of the vechicle. I had some rust spots so i decided to fix them. This can be a bigger step but will help in the long run of your vechile looking nice. There are many videos on how to do this out there. Of corse you could take it somehere. what i did was

follow these steps

sand down rust areas to metal around rust area

apply fiber glass cloth with 2 part resin. resin and a hardener

sand back down again

add bondo / body filler

sand down again

add primer

add paint

add clear coat

there a lil more to it than just that but thats the basics

Step 3: Undercoating

undercoating is something I didn't think of but can save your vehicile in the long run. You spray it under neath your truck to prevent rust and make it look better for when visible like under the wheel wheels

Make sure not to spray on tires.

Tape up exterior so don't get spray on it.

might need more than one can

Step 4: Tires and Rims

Another truck modification that can be made to help your truck drive better and look better is to upgrade your tires. If you have nice rims and tires already a simple cleaning is good. I repainted mine using white paint. I used primiier and taped off the tire and nuts valve cap, etc..

Don't forget about oil

Snow tires are a good option

When having snow tires there is a couple options.

The best way I think is to have a second set of rims for your winter, and non winter tires.

Otherwise you can change your summer tires on the same rims you want to put your winter tires on.

Rims-alloy, allumiinum, steel

The bolt lay out on rims is pretty specific, even if you have five bolt pattern there are many different mesurment for the five bolt pattern.

also with rim the the center of the rim has a dimeter that needs to be correct.

They say smaller tires in winter are better because they distrube the weight of the veichle better.

Note: you can get locking nuts to lock your rims and tires so no one steals them.

Note rims you can get many dirrerent styles

Treading on tires,

Know when do change them

Get a tires patching kit, Know how to use it.

Step 5: Fender Flairs

Fender flairs are another cool thing to add to your truck. There are many different styles and colors you can choose from. Some are really big and some are smaller. These just give the wheel wells a cool look. The ones I installed I used screws to attach them to Wheels wells. I found a set off a truck at the junk yard for pretty cheap.

get thing to try here on a getting a truck

Step 6: Bullet Valve Tire Caps

Theses bullet tire valve caps are another way to add a little flare to your vechicle. Theses give it a cool suttle look. You might not notice them unless you were looking at the tire. Theses come in different colors, also there are many other things you can as a valve cap instead of the common black valve cap. These simply just screw on.

this is kinda cool

Step 7: Lug Nut Tires Lock

If you are unaware of what these are they are used so that people can not steal your tires. They use different specialized lug nuts that require a special socket to remove them that has its own key. People can find the replacement but they most likley will be dettered to take your wheels. The big thing with theses is that you always need to know where the key socket is so that if get a flat or need to take tire off you have the key socket too. Putting them on one wheel should be suffenant also.

Step 8: License Plate Cover

A licenses plate cover is a cool feature to add to you truck. There are many different ones you can get, there are plain colored ones, or there are covers that have emblems on them sports teams almost anything you can think of. They also have those covers that are tinted to cover the license plate a little and give it a cool look.Theses scree in pretty easy and fit all licenses plates.They are easy to install as long as your old screws or bolts holding in the plate are rusted or stripped.Theses have caps on these to cover the screws which is kinda cool.

check ur car info

Step 9: Bull Bar

A bull bar can make a truck look pretty sweet. They make them custom for most vechicles otherwise there are some that fit a lot of vechicles. The bull bar gets mounted to the frame of the vechicle so that it is mount very strong to frame. Bull bars protect the front end of your truck so if you were to hit a deer or bull it wont dammage your front end. You can mount your fog lights, pa speaker, or winch to the bull bar. I found my bull bar off a truck the same year as mine. The bull bar was hard to take off old truck because the nuts were rusted.

To mount the bull bar I measured were I wanted it.

Then i drilled holes in the frame of the truck where i wanted it mounted.

The welds on the bottom of mine broke off so I added brackets held on by nuts and bolts.

Also the top hole mounts I bolted down with locking nuts making sure there very tight and mounted


Make sure it fits your vehicle

Step 10: Wench

A wench is a great thing to have on a truck. Being its a truck you can use it to pull stuff into the bed of the truck, or can pull other people stuck out or a four wheeler. This a 12 volt wench. The red goes to the positive terminal on battery and one goes to the power on the wench its self. There is also a fuse adapter wire that should be used in between the power and the battery to prevent ruining the fuse.

The black wire goes to the battery and the wench connector spot, and then also on the wench negitve terminal. There a push button powered by 12 volt to move the wench back and forth.

Step 11: FogLights

After market fog lights make a truck look pretty cool. These are different from off road lights these are lower on your vehicle and come at angle to give you better vision when it is foggy outside. Fog lights are pretty easy to install but there is wireing needed. Also you will need to mount the fog lights. I drilled into the metal grill of my truck. This will leave holes if you ever take them out. Drilling threw the frame is not to hard. Make sure you measure and mark where you want the lights mounted. Make sure you tighten the bolts very well so they dont come loose.

The wiring is pretty straight forward. There is a ground wire. this gets mounted to the frame grounding it.

There are instructns on the fog light kit.

You will need to have the power wire going to the battery on your vechicle.

There is a third wire that need to be add to the switch.

I had to run the wires from the hood to the battery

and then will need to get them into the cab.

I ran mine threw the door.

You will need to find a spot to mount the switch.

Lots of styles

Step 12: Deer Whistles

Deer whistles are pretty cool. Now I say how well they work. Some states or locations theses may not be nessasary. Also if your a hunter you might not want them on your vehicle. Although your driving when hunting. Another tip with theses is that I would not go threw a car wash with them or they will knocked off with the brushes. How they work is by using a high pitched sound to detour deer from your location. A tip for deer is that over 75 percent of deer accendent are are at dusk and dawn, the time deer are most active.

Step 13: Bug Flector

A bug flector is another thing people add to there vechicle to get it a cool look. This also does kill bugs that would hit the windshiield. This is fairly easy to install. Get the correct model for your vechicle. and mount it. The bug flector comes with double sided sticky tape that applies to under the hood. It also has holes already in it so that you drill it into the hood to make sure it is mounted good into hood and not fly off. Again it should come with instructions. Make sure you put it on straight. You can get thees with words on them also and in many different coolers.

Couple different styles

Step 14: Bow Arrow Antenna

The Bow arrow antenna is a less seen feature on a truck. This is more for if your a hunter bow in particular. Also for people into archery. This is pretty easy to install. 1 Out of 5 on a scale. Just measure your antenna and get an arrow that length. I left a little room on top for the antenna.tip. Make sure you get an arrow where the inside diamiter is big enough to get over the antenna. This did not effect the signal of my radio at all.

Step 15: Paint Wiper Blades

I got this idea from a friend who painted his wipper blades this is a nice way to add color and make it look a little cooler. There are a couple ways to do this, I taped the rubber part on the actual blade and spray painted the plastic part and added a clear coat help keep the color. Otherwise you can take the arm off the truck and just paint the arm and not the blades. or could paint both.

The best wipers to use

Step 16: Window Rain and Wind Gaurds

Window rain guards look cool and also surve a purpose by keeping the rain out when the window is cracked. Also these will help with the wind cutting down noise as well. You can get them for all types of windows and moon roofs. Simply take of the flilm exposing the sticky part that will attach to the frame of the door. Make sure to mount them straight. Make sure the surface where they attach is cleaned before putting them on.

Keep the rain out

Step 17: Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spot mirrors are helpful feature to have on your truck. Theses come in great if you have a bed topper on your truck. Also they are good if you are hauling something with a trailer. Some vechicles come with theses standards but if yours doesn't you can purchase them and put them on yourself.

can attach them yourself

Step 18: Door Trim

Door trim is something you can add to spruce up your truck. I did this but the trim ending up coming off so I took it off. I might re add this in the future. I'm not sure if i did it wrong but it started pealing so I took it off. This comes in many different colors.

Step 19: Tint Windows

Tinting the windows is one of the most common things people do to make the truck look better. Many states have laws against to dark of tint so make sure you don't tint it to dark. Applying your own window tint can be kinda hard but can be down with some time. Otherwise you can pay to get it done.

you can use this to do it your self

Step 20: Front Windshield Decal

A front windsheild decal is pretty cool. This goes accross the top of your front wind shield. This is pretty easy to put on your truck. You will want to know what you want to have put on first. Take your time putting it on. Make sure to measure your windshield so you get the correct size. Can also get in any color you want. I ordered mine online.

Clean off window first

take of back paper while attaching to window

make sure its on straight and flat

take of top film.

Step 21: Extended Side Trailer Mirror

This mirror attaches to you existing mirror and allows you to see more behind you. This is great for if towing a trailer. This is made to go on the passanger side mirror. There are clips and suction cups to mount it to mirror. Easy to take off and put on.

Step 22: Running Lights

Running lights are another thing that you can add to your vechicle. These are mainly added to trucks compared to cars. Theses lights come in a few different colors They go ontop of he roof of the cab. Theses screw down to the frame of the roof. These need to be powered with one of the wires of each light runs to the battery and the negitive wire goes to a grounding location. Some lights when screwing them to the frame grounds the light depending on what kind you buy. Running lights can be mounted straight accrsss or at an angle. When doing the wiring you will want to hook them up to a switch as welll.

many different styles

Step 23: Caution Light

A flashing caution light is another thing that goes on the roof of the cab. This can also be mounted on a pole in the frame of the bed. This is used for when working on the side of the road helps people see your vechicle and lets them know to drive with caution when passing you. Some people put these on the dash board inside there truck. This has a magnet on the bottom to stick to hood. Then it has a cigarette outlet that you plug into your cig port.

some of the power cables for them are different

Step 24: Roof Rack

There are many different types of roof racks. This style is a universal mounting kit that comes with two sets of bars. Im putting on one set of the bars on my truck. These can be used to transport, canoes, kayaks, SUPs, Ladders, wood, etc...

These attach to the roof in between the doors. It came with an allen wrench to assemble them. The instructions that came with them wern't very good.

When mounting make sure it is mounted evenly over the hood.

make sure to get the correct length

Step 25: Wind Fairing

If you have a roof rack some of them make noise, having a wind fairing will help reduce the noise of the wind. Also some say that since it is at an angle it will reduce draft from from the roof rack. They give a cool look as well to your truck or vehicle. Lots of people put stickers on them. I made this one can show you how. if wanted. Make sure you know the size of fairing you want.

Step 26: Off Road Lights

As i mentioned before off road lights are diferent from fog lights. Off roads lights go the roof of your vehicle and add extra lighting when you off road, on the farm, or where they are legal to use. They run on 12 volts, and use a seperat switch to turn on and off. I mounted them to my roof rack. There are different ways to mount them. One step is the mounting and the other step is the wiring. There is more to that but break it down to those first. I would pre wire it to test everything and you know how it should work. Then i would mount the lights then i would re wire the lights. Don't have to much extra wiring but make sure you have enough.

Step 27: Flag Mount

This flag mount is pretty unique. This is using a boat light mount to make it. Using a boat light you can adjust it up and down so when you don't want to use the flag you can turn it downward. People use flags to show there favorite team colors. Also people use flags for delivery driving to display your store. Since I have a roof rack i decided to mount it to the roof rack. You could also attach it to the frame of your truck on the flat part next to the back window. I used 3 bolts to attach it to the roof rack. This also comes with wiring if you want to light up the light on top. To make the flag I sewed on velcro to the flag so that I can detach the flag when I don't want to use it.

Step 28: Air Horn 12 Volt

THis will get hooked up to the battery using a switch to turn on and off.

Can be mounted under hood or on roof rack.

Comes with a wiring diagram using a relay.

there like what semis use

Step 29: CB Antenna

If you have a cb radio there needs to be an antenna so that you get the signal. Some of theses antenna can get pretty long. This antenna has a magnet that sticks down to the roof of your vechicle. I drilled a hole in the frame of my truck to run the wire from the top of the truck to the inside so it plugs into the cb radio. I used clip to run wire so you don't see it as much.

theres shark antennas also, and cell phone boosting antennas

Step 30: Solar Panel

Having a solar panel is pretty cool, it will keep your battery charged so you can use all your devices and lights. I have a seperate battery in the bed of my truck that i keep charged with it. You can mount and wire a solar panel super easy. Theres pretty much two wires I have a post on how to wire a solar panel. It the exact same concept but your putting it in a vehicle. Having a seperate battery not using your main car battery. You could use your main car battery but will have to do more research on that.

Step 31: Headache Rack / Back Rack

A back rack or headache rack is for behind the back window to protect your self and the window from materials being transfered sliding back and hitting the window or you. There are different styles of them so get the one that you like best. Also make them for different sized trucks so make sure it fits your truck the way you want it to. Depending on the one you get will determine how you mount it. Most likley you will need to drill into the frame of your truck. There might be a way to use brackets or clips to mount it but would recommend using bolts. Some people will add there lights and antennas to this. It does however block some of your vision so keep that in mind.

Step 32: Window Decals

Window decals come in ever size color and anything you want to get you can to add to you truck. You can get brands or teams, Make sure you clean the window surface before adding decals. Make sure they are centered when you add them. Some decals you add from the inside and some you add to the outside.

you can make your own decals

Step 33: Bed Tool Box

If you have a pick up truck I would highly reccommned getting a bed tool box. These are great for storeing tools, bags, anything that will fit that you wanna keep safe and dry. You want to make sure that it has locks on it if you carry expensive stuff in it. Most bed tool boxes have spot to lock it the bed of the truck. These come in a few different colors and are made to fit all types of pick ups.

Make sure it fits your TRUCK

Step 34: Exteriror 12 Volt Plug

Having an exterior 12 volt plug is great to have. These can be installed into the frame of your truck, tailgate, bumper, anywear that works for you. I installed mine into the tool box storage box I have in my bed of my truck. This works great for when tailgating you can plug in your charger and set your phone on top of the tool box. Also I have it connected to a spare battery in the tool box that I use to to power it. Also from that spare battery I use it to power other 12 volt stuff I have.

this is pretty cool

Step 35: Bed Rails

Bed rails are cool if you have a tano comver then you need to make sure you can attach both. The rails give it a cool look and keep stuff in the bed. These will be needed to be bolted the the frame which will require drilling threw the bed frame.Measure twice. They came with bolts and screws.

i painted them black they were silver orignally.

Measureing is key when attacing and just doing it.

There pretty easy to install

Step 36: Lockable Gas Tank Door

Not only are these lockable so know one siphons your gas they are also aftermarket and look cool. Make sure to get the right one for your vehicle. They come in many different colors and styles.

Step 37: LED Bed Lighting

LED Bed lighting is a cool thing to add to the bed of a pick up truck. The Leds are powered with a cigarette outlet that has two wires the red positve and black negitve wires. The leds are waterproof, and stick to the frame of the bed. On the end of the strip of leds I soldered the powering wires then ran them to cigarette outlet power adapter. I already had a hole drilled threw to the cab that I ran the wire s threw to get to the power outlet.

make sure to get water proof

Step 38: Tail Gate Net Storage

Here is another item that is geared towards pick up trucks, can also be mounted in SUVs in the back behind the seats. I have mine mounted on the tail gate. My truck and most have hooks at the end of the bed. I clipped in the the net on each side. It comes with hooks and it is elastic and stretches when you put stuff in it. You can store shovel, groceries, tools, anything you don't want sliding around in the bed of the truck.

theres also theses

Step 39: Tano Cover

A tanneau cover is made for pick up truck beds to cover up the tailgate bed. There are many different kinds and types of theses. There are hard cover or soft cover. Some velcro down, some have railings that a hard cover can slide back and forth. People have these for many different reasons. To keep stuff locked up and out of sight.

I made my tannuea cover so that it covers the bed of my truck so you can't see in it. Under neath the cover I have lockable storage area that are mounted to my bed frame so that they can't be taking or opened.

Since I have a tool box storage in the bed I made the Tanneau cover come up to the tool box.

I used marine fabric and measured the rectangle area of the bed and sewed marine fabric that I added button to that then snap on to the bed frame that I screwed the bottom button part to.

I was gonna make a serperate insstrucable on making this tanneua cover.

theres hard and soft covers

Step 40: Wires Holes

I drilled a hole in the frame of my truck to run wires to the bed area.There are other ways of running the wires I didn't mind drilling a hole in my truck. I run wires to my cb radio antenna, caution light, bed lighting. and track lights. Cover the edges so the cables don't get cut on the edge, can sand it down.

this is what i used

Step 41: Bed Liner Rubber Mat

Another exterior accessory is a Bed liner for the bed of your truck. There are different ways to do this,

You can get a linex spray liner, This can get expensive. The bed liners help stuff from sliding around the back and help the bed from getting dented or scratched up.

You could go to a junk yard and look for a bed liner out of a truck like yours.

The liner I have in my truck bed is a one inch thick rubber mat that is cut to sit in the bed on the floor that goes around the wheel wells.

This also adds weight to the truck for in winter to help get better tracton in snow or rain.

here is a mat

Step 42: Bed Bar

Step 43: Mud Flaps

Still focusing on the exteroir again manly towards trucks is adding mud flaps. I also see these on cars as well. Mud flaps give your vechicle a cool look. Mud flaps also keep dirt mud and water off of the frame of your car making it last longer and stay in better shape. For different vehicles and tire sizes there are different size mud flaps when buying them it will say on the mud flap package. If actually seen people make there own mud flaps out of a sheet of black plastic cutting it to shape of a mud flap.

Mud flaps get screwed onto the frame of the wheel well behind the tires. Some people just add them to the back tires or both tires.

You can get mud flaps with designs on them as well.or even lights in them.

Many different styles

Step 44: Hoop/ Step Bars

Hoop steps are pretty cool, they are different then step bars in the fact that they are made for just one foot as a step. Step bars go across the length of the truck as opossed to just the one hoop. The hoop bars I used for stepping on to get into my truck bed. You can place the hoop where ever you want, this is where I decided to mount them. They get bolted to the frame of the truck so on each side will have to drill four holes. Depending on your kit you get and truck the mounting could be different. Make sure to measure twice before drilling and everything lines up

Step 45: Tail Pipe Cover

Moving on to the exhaust there are many things you can do with this. You can get after market exhaust installed, that you can add multiple pipes and make it so has a loud sound or shoots out smoke or even flames. My exhaust pipe was getting rusted so I just bought an exhaust pipe cover that is chrome in color that slides over the exhaust making it look new and nice. This just slides on and clamps to the the exhaust pipe.

make sure to measure your tail pipe

Step 46: Bed Rails Cover

Bed rails are used to protect the frame of your truck bed. They are almost like caps that go over the top edge of the truck bed. As of right now I have rail on the tail gate and not the sides. If you have a tano cover or side rails you might have to customize your rail cover to fit. Otherwise you could mount the tano cover onto the bed rails covers. Mine was originally silver I painted it black. Also mine was made out of metal and screwed into frame of the tailgate.

Step 47: Tailgate Decals

You can also add emblems to you truck. This stick on with adhesive. These stick on pretty good and haven't had any fly off on me. Make sure you place them where you want before you stcik them on. There are many option you can get for these this is a lot of personal prefference.

search 3d decal

Step 48: After Market Tail Gate Lights

Another cool and easy way to upgrade your truck is to get some tailgate lights. They come with different color frames and lighting. This has nothing to do with the electrical just unscrew the old mounts and unscrew the bulbs. Replace with new light mount.

Step 49: Hitch Drop

In order to use your truck for towing you need to make sure the height of the ball on the hitch lines up with the trailer height. Depending on your vehicle and the trailer you might need to add a drop or you might need to use a raiser. The correct height is very important. Remember for different trailer you might need different drop length. Most Drops go by the inches.

Step 50: Tailgate Ball Towing Hitch

If you're trying to get the most out of your truck you will want to be able to tow stuff such as trailers, boats, camper, etc. Trailers have different size balls that you will need to get the correct ball that fits your trailer. Also the height of the ball need to line up with the height of the trailer hitch. They make adapters to make this possible. My ball hitch I installed right into the spot my truck came with.

They also make ball hitch covers so that it doesn't get rusted.

what size ball hitch do you need

Step 51: Weight Distribution Hitch


Step 52: Ball HItch Cover

This will prevent your ball hitch from getting rusted.

also it looks cool comes in different styles and colors.

Step 53: Hide a Key

A hide a key can come in pretty handy if you lock your keys in your car. These come in different sizes they have magnets on the bottom that stick to metal on your vechicle. There are many different spots to hiid this on your truck or car. The frames are metal. A lot of people know about these so make sure you hide it good so no one finds it.

I've never had this one fall off

Step 54: Reversing Beeping Noise

This is device that you attach to your white reverse light on one side or the other. When you go in reverse your reverse lights light up. That sends the the light threw the device making it beep when you are in reverse. This will let people know you are backing up.

Step 55: Truck Bed Stuff

I have different stuff in my truck bed depending on what time of year it is and what i have going on at that time. A few good common things to have are

added weight

Orange cone


gas can

spare battery and mount

golf club storage

spare tire

Step 56: Interior

When trying to upgrade the interior of your vechicle, there are many things that can be done to make it nicer and look cooler. First of all make sure everything is clean detailing everything from cleaning the windows, doors, seats and carpet. Clean in the cracks of stuff get everything. For my truck I have a pretty small cab area and did some customizing. I acually took the door panels off my doors.. I added duck tape to cover up the frame of the truck giving it a white color.

Step 57: Sucurity System

Step 58: CD Player With Aux Port

Every vechicle needs a way to play music or audio. Now adays everyone plays there audio from there phone or an ipod so it is important to have an auxillary port on your cd player. Many cars come with a cd player with an aux port but you can install an after market cd player. This cd player also has a usb port so that you could plug in a thumb drive.

you can get after market cd players pretty cheap now a days

Step 59: Mp3 Player

I took a phone mount and use it as my mp3 player holder this way i can play my music and access it easily. Simply plug the aux cable into your device.

I preferer to get quality ones of these

Step 60: GPS With Charger and Mount

Another cool thing to have in your vechicle is a gps unit. Theses are great for if you are lost, or going on a trip out of town where your not fimular with. An actual gps unit is good because it doesnt relli on internet to get the map. You will need to update the maps every couple years to keep the roads up to date. Make sure to get a mount and a charger for it. You can find them on craigslist pretty cheap or on ebay.

gps can save ya in a pinch

Step 61: Dash Camera

A dash camera is a great safety feature to have and can be used as a reverse camera also. This is powered by the cigarette outlet. It has a sd card slot that it saves to that you transfer to your pc. It is on a loop. This connects to your windshield. The screen flips up and down.

could save ya money in long run

Step 62: CB Radio and Microphone

A cb radio is cool to have with this you can communicate with other drivers on the road. A lot of truckers will use these. There is an antenna that goes on the roof of truck to get the signal. Then you find the channel you want to use and talk back and forth. When you talk hold in the button and relase so you hear back the response. Also there is a speaker that plugs in the back that put under my hood so that i can use it as mega phone to communicate with bikers or people walking.

these are just cool to have

Step 63: PA Microphone Speaker

This speaker is hooked up the

Step 64: Radar Detector

12 volt radar detector is good for knowing you are being clocked. Some states theses are ilegal so make sure there aloud. They pick up different frequencies, There are many different price ranges for these. This also plugs into the cigarette lighter and it suction cups to the windshield.

some states they might not be legal

Step 65: 12 Volt Multiport Adapter

I have a lot of 12 volt cigarette plugs. This adapter allows me to plug six 12 volt things. Things you can plug into the slots are interiror lighting, gps charger, power inverter, etc

This has a cigarette outlet that plugs into your car cig port.

then on the other end it has slot for for a red power wire and black negitve wire, that you plug into for your device your trying to power.

Each indiviual port also has switch so you can control your devices super easy.

this is the same thing as theses

Step 66: Spot Light

Having a spot light in your truck can come in handy here and there. It's great for finding address, looking for animals, lighting under the hood or if you need to change a tire. There are battery powered ones or one that use the cigarette outlet. I have a cigarette outlet one. Also I have one that police cars have that is mounted the body of the vehicle and turns when wanting to us it.

can get one here

Step 67: 12 Volt DC to AC Inverter

This is an inverter to plug into your cigarette port and allows you to plug in normal wall outlet plugs. This can come in handy if you need to charge a phone or whatever. These come in many different sizes and strengths.

these are great to have around

Step 68: 12 Volt Cooler Arm Rest

Many trucks don't have cener conceals or arm rest so this nice to put in your truck on the seat. It also is a cooler and a heater inside the arm rest. This can be take in and out of your truck very easily if you need more room in the cab. Its great to keep your lunch warm or cold or water cold in summer.

great for storage and as an arm rest

Step 69: Dash Cover

A dash cover is a cool feature to add to your truck or vehicle.They come in any color and different types of materials. These come custom fit to your dash. Also it comes with velcro if you want to attach it to your dash. Mine stays on good with out the velcro. There are slots cut out for your vents.

I really like the way it made mine look

Step 70: 12 Volt Seat Heater

Living in a cold weather state having a seat heater is a great feature to have. Some new vehicles come with them installed if you don't want to go that route you can get one of these 12 volt seat heater. They plug into the cigarette outlet in your vehicle. This has elastic on it to keep on your seat. This is black in color the same as my seat cover so you can barely even see it.

mine definitely works good

Step 71: Driving Lumbar Massage Pillow

Step 72: Seat Cover

A simple fix to making an older vechicle look beter is adding a seat cover to it. Not only does it make the truck look better but it also makes it more comfortable to sit on. There are many colors and types of seat covers. Find the correct seat cover for your vechicle.

can get in an any color you want

Step 73: Steering Wheel Cover

Another simple thing that can be done is to a steering wheel cover. This fit almost all vecicles. It can be kind of hard to put on but you want it to be on the tight. These are made out of different materials. Otherwsise there are the steering wheel knobs that you can hold the knob and turn the wheel.

also keeps steering wheel warm in winter

Step 74: Cup Holders

Many vechicles come with cup holders my truck did not. so I added one of those middle council things that has adjustable cup holder slots as wheel has a storage compartment. Also this one came with slots to hold your change. This came with two holder and I screwed one of those plastic cup holders to the side of it to add another cup holder.

these are great for trucks

Step 75: Analog Tempurture, Compass and Clock

If your vechicle doesnt come with these they sell that you can attach to your dash or mount some where. its nice to have a clock in a easy spot to see the time quickly. Also nice to have the temp and compass to help you out and add features. Theses also come in digital as well.

here's a digital one

Step 76: Visor Sun Head Light Shade

This is for blocking the sun if its to bright and you don't have any sun glasses. Simply pull down and use the tinted film piece to reduce light and glare. Also has a feature for at night when lights are to bright. This attaches right to your over head visor. Can find them online or auto store would buy online.

fits on visor

Step 77: Sun Glasses Holder

This is a pretty cheap way to store your sunglasses. This clips onto the visor of your car. This clips on and then has a spot for the sun glasses go into. I keep this pair of sunglasses as back up sun glasses that i always leave in my car in case i forget my regular sunglasses.

Step 78: Sun Window Shade

Step 79: Visor Organizer

Using your visor space is a must they make many different things t o store a variety of stuff on your visors. Theses things simply slide over your visor. If your car doesn;t havea mirror on them thats a good things to get with it. Many of the old ones hold cds and they have a pockets on them to store stuff. I keep gum pens, pocket knife, etc... in this a headlight flashlight.

great for organizing

Step 80: Diy Handle and VIse Wrench Window Opener

I took the door panel off my doors so i can add my own stuff t it you can take these ideas and motifiy them to your liking. Since I took of the panel i needed to add a handle to close the door. Then instead of geting a window knob I used a vise grip to open and close the window. Also i added a mag light flash light to the door for easy access for light and a safety device. Another thing I mouned was a seat belt cutter and window breaker incase that would ever be needed.

Step 81: Fire Extengisher

A fire extinguier is pretty self explainitory these are great to have in case of an emergency. I got mine off an old boat that came with a mounting device with it. Find a good place to mount it that is out of the way yet easy to grab in case you would need it. Read how to operae before monting. Also if you see i have snap bracelets of bright colrors that you can wear if need to be on side of the road.

if you dont have one at all get one

Step 82: Back Window Storage Rack

This storage rack is made for being a gun rack. If your state allows for that you can use it for that. This was pretty cheap like 15 bucks. This was easy to install, and looks nice. This is adjustable and fits most trucks. Make sure you don't put it right behind your head cause if you swing your head back you don;t want to hit it on it. I store my fishing poles or pool ques, and golf clubs. also you can hook stuff on it to hang on the passanger seat.

they fit most truck windows

Step 83: Hiding Spots

Knowing the hiding spots in your vehicle can come in handy. There's always spots in each car you can find. This is good for when you are going to be leaving your car in a bad area and if someone breaks into your car they wont think to check your hiding spots. This is also good to keep extra cash in case you ever need it and not have to worry about leaving it in your car. Also you can you use a hide a key that has magnets on it to hide a key also.

Step 84: Air Freshener

this one is pretty common sense, I thought i would put it on here cause you want your car to smell good. some air freshener can be overwelling with smell. There are many different sents and ways to hang them. you can hid them or put them on the vents.

get them in bulk

Step 85: Behind Seat

People put a lot of different stuff behind there seat. I've had speakers back there, tools, long board many different things. I would suggest putting thing you want to keep dry back there. Make sure its packed good so it what ever it is doesn't move back and forth hitting our seat. I customized my back storage seat with wood trim.

hes a jumper pack that are great

Step 86: Truck Cover/ Wheel Covers

Once you have modified you vechicle you will want to make sure it stays in good shape. Getting a cover is something I would reccomend getting. It keeps dust off it, rain, and keeps it in good shape. There are many different qualities of theses so deeping on where you plan on using it can determine the quality you want to get. These covers also help from the sun from dimming the paint job. Also they make just covers for your tires. Make sure to get the right size for your tires. Also make sure to get hte right size cover for your truck or car. They do make them speaclity for trucks too.

Step 87: XM Satelite Radio

Step 88: Bed Stabilizer Bar

Step 89: Reverse Camera and Display

Step 90: Steering Wheel Desk Tray Laptop Holder

Step 91: Glove Box Holders / Pens Holder

Step 92: Tail Gate Brake Light/ Blinkers Led Light Strip

Step 93: Tunner

Step 94: Floor Mats

Step 95: Still to Add: Door Trim

foot step

back rack

Door trimming

Step 96: D Rings Hooks

Step 97: Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller module is used for towing heavy loads. Most trailer don't have brakes on them hooked up so when you stop the vehicle you are only applying the brakes to the vehicle and not the trailer also. A brake controller module will allow you to be able to add brakes to the trailer as well. The module is a controller so you can adjust the strength of the brakes depending on how much weight you are towing. This does require mounting the unit and wiring the unit as well.

Step 98: Under the Hood

This truck for being small has a lot of room under the hood to work on things. This is a 91 s10 4.3 liter v6. Main thing to note under the hood is

oviously the engine

The battery

spark plugs

fuse box

windshield fluid holder

coolant holder

dip stick

air filter


Step 99: Summary

Share pics of stuff you've done to your truck.

He's a list of the stuff I used to add my truck.

Make sure you have the correct vehicle info