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This instructable will show you how to make a key chain that resembles the ball and chain that used to be worn by prisoners.

My friend and his wife started a production company together called "ball and chain productions". I wanted to give them a gift on the opening night of there first show so I came up with the ball and chain key chain.


Step 1: What You Will Need

Wooden ball- becomes the ball.

Screw in eyelet- connect the ball to the chain.

Chain- becomes the chain.

Key rings- to make it a key chain.

Black paint- makes the wood ball look like an iron ball.

Clear coat-(optional) it will make your paint job last longer. Clear dull coat also helps it to look more like iron.

All of these supplies can be found at Michaels. I used a chain from one of my wife's old necklaces to save money.

Drill- to drill a hole in your wooden ball.

Drill bit- Should be slightly smaller then the threaded side of your eyelet.

Pliers- to spread open your eyelets and chain links.

Paint brush- to paint your wooden ball.

Step 2: The Ball

Using your drill, drill a hole into your wooden ball, deep enough that the screw in eyelet will sink in completely but not so deep that you go right through.

To more easily paint the ball screw your eyelet in about half way so you have something to hold onto. I painted 3 coat of black and 3 coats of clear coat because if used as a key chain it will need the durability. Make sure the ball completely dries between coats.

Step 3: Connecting the Ball and Chain

To connect your ball to your chain by spreading the looped end of the eyelet wide enough that a chain loop will be able to go onto the eyelet.

Before you put the chain on screw the eyelet into the wooden ball and tighten down with your pliers.

Put a chain loop onto the eyelet then close the eyelet with your pliers.

Step 4: Making It a Key Chain

To make it a key chain you must frist cut your chain to your desired length. To do this either use the side cutters that come on many pliers or spread open a chain link and remove the undesired length of chain.

To connect your key ring either open a chain link and close it around the key ring or loop your key ring through a chain link. My chain links were to small to loop the key ring through so I had to spread one open and attach it that way.

Hope you enjoyed your craft time.

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