Introduction: Ball Machine Elements

Step 1: Flipper

Collect these pieces: 3 blue spacers 3 orange connectors 2 white/snowflake connectors 12 short green/black connectors(shortest axels) 4 blue/purple axles 12 gray/purple connectors(I don't know what to call them) 4 red connectors 20 white axles

Step 2: Flipper

Build this. You need 2 of them

Step 3: Flipper

Step 4: Flipper

Build this

Step 5: Flipper

Almost done

Step 6: Flipper

Final step. Just attach it on and put a ball on it should flip and drop on the other side

Step 7: Curve Track

Very simple you probably don't need instructions

Step 8: Switch

Switch. You probably don't need instructions

Step 9: Roller Coaster Track

Simple. Until an axle runs out

Step 10: Bendy Track

Uses bendy pieces. Good for turns. Not for wide turns or sharp turns. Last pic: it should turn at about that angle

Step 11: Spiral Stairs

Pieces: (Recommended) 11 yellow axles 13 end connectors 10 red connectors

Step 12: Spiral Stairs

You can change the lengths of the axles if you want

Step 13: Ferris Wheel


Step 14: Dropper

Attach a piece so it stays horizontal until a ball falls on it

Step 15: Dropper

That's all for now. More to come
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