Introduction: Balloon Cloud

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Whether you are throwing a party or just have a lot of balloons, this is the hands down way to use them. I'm going to walk you through creating a beautiful balloon cloud with ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS.

Step 1: Supplies

Like I said, there isn't a long list of materials needed. Here are the essentials:

  1. Balloons (what I used)
  2. String (what I used)
  3. LEDs (my choice)
  4. Ladder (depends on your ceiling height)

That's it.

You could speed up the process with a balloon blower or Shop-Vac, but I manually blew up around 100 balloons in one hour.

Step 2: Blow Up 100 Balloons

The short of it:

  1. Add LED to balloon
  2. Blow up balloon
  3. Tie balloon and repeat.
  4. Tie 2-4 balloons together to make it easier to build cloud.

The long of it:

Blowing up balloons in a team of two is key. One person to blow, one person to tie. Obviously, the more the merrier and the faster you'll be done.

I recommend tying balloons together in groups of 2 or 4. That will make the balloons easier to tie together when making the cloud.

I'd also recommend using 2-3 big breaths to blow up each balloon, but not over inflating the balloons, because depending on the quality, age, etc the balloons may pop randomly if over inflated.

Finally, if you are using LEDs to add a glow, make sure to turn them on (average battery life will last about 24 hours) and insert the LED into the balloon before blowing it up.

Step 3: Build the Cloud

This is where you'll take out the string. Start wrapping it semi-tightly around the 2-4 groupings of balloons. Build the balloon into the size and shape you want your cloud to look like. Place LED balloons around the outside for a brighter balloon.

Step 4: Put the Cloud in the Sky

Now that you have the cloud built, it's time to tie it to the ceiling so that it levitates in the air like a good cloud should. You can use the string to do this again. Wrap it around the 1/4 and 3/4 middle points of the balloon so that it is stable and tie it to the rafters.

The ceiling in this space made it easy because there were tubed wires running along the ceiling that allowed me to hang it easily. You also may need a ladder depending on how high your ceilings are.

Step 5: Celebrate With Your Cloud

Now's the time to reap the rewards. Shine lights on the cloud, the more reflections in the room the better. Have fun and party safe!