Introduction: Balloon Drum


Place:Banjarapalya maker space.

Materials:waste pipe




-Rubber Band


-marker pen

Step 1: Marke the Pipe

Take one piece of pipe.and marker and make the mark to the pipe. and cut it.

Step 2: Cut the Balloon and Cut It

Take the some balloons and see which is bigger.and take sizer and cut the balloon.

Step 3: Make the Hole in the Center of the Pipe and Fix Two Small Things

Take any sharp tool and hole the pipe both side in the center.and take two thread and take to small things it look like a ball shape and fix it two side.

Step 4: Fix the Balloon in the Pipe

you already cut the balloon right take that balloon and fix to the one side of pipe and do it other side.and tap it.

Step 5: Fix the Stick

And finally take the drum and make a hole in the center and take one stick and fix it.