Balloon Painting




Introduction: Balloon Painting

Balloon art is super easy to do and fun! It can be used as a activity to entertain kids or just to lighten the mood. The items you will be needing are:
-random paints
-Small bowls or containers

Step 1: Paint

First, grab 2 or more paints and mix them together in your container. If you don't have small bowls or containers, you can always substitute it for easter eggs. Don't over mix!

Step 2: Balloons

Now that the paint is mixed grab your balloons. Dip them in the paint. This can get messy, so try not to drop on carpet! If you don't want to dip them you can always blow them up first and tie then paint the bottom.

Step 3: Almost Done

Take the painted balloon and put it almost on top of the paper. Then blow it up. Or if the balloon is already blown up just press onto the paper.

Step 4: Share Results

You're done! Make as many as you like and let dry. Then share your results with someone. Remember if you don't have balloons you can use sponges, loofahs, and cotten balls.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun craft project. I like how you can control the shape by inflating or deflating the balloon.