Introduction: Bamboo Adirondack Chair (Scale Model)

This is a project based off the real dimensions of a full sized Adirondack chair, only mini sized!

It requires patience, a little sanding and some concentration to put it together, but you get a accurate and beautiful 1:12 scale model fit for the backyard of any social dollhouse owner, or for whatever else you please!

The chair is cut from a flat sheet of bamboo and two chairs can be made from the single sheet. The cut bamboo sheets can be ordered from my showroom at Once you receive the cut pieces, you can follow the guide to construct your miniature.

Step 1: Prep


- 1 Bamboo sheet with pieces laser cut (order from
- Fine grit sandpaper (320+)
- Wood glue


Carefully remove each piece and lightly sand to provide smooth finish and either place back into respective space in waste sheet or organize each piece paying special attention to guide on following page that shows which pieces belong to which chair.

*optional = Before gluing, but after sanding, you may choose to paint, stain or put a coat of protective polyurethane on the pieces to change the look.

Step 2: Construction

Following the attached guide, assemble each piece with wood glue, allowing drying time between. Repeat with second chair and remaining pieces.

Have fun and good luck!
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