Introduction: Bamboo Candle Holder

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This is from animal crossing new horizons. I hope you enjoy because this was my first one.


3-D printer, Green wire for 3-D printer, computer to use Tinkercad, and tanish paint.

Step 1: Making the Base

once you get onto Tinkercad then go into new folder. then take a cylinder and make it 40.00 by 40.00 by 40.00. or 40.00 lenght by 40.00 width by 40.00 height.Then make a copy so then when you when you cut it it makes a bigger holder.

Step 2: Color and Cuting

change the color to green. you can do whatever type of green you want but personally the green above is probably the one I like the most. then cut the top of one of the cylinders side to make a slant. you can use what ever you want to cut it but I used the Wedge. Then I lined up the top edge after rotating it. then I cut it. but there was a little extra so I just used the square shape to cut it off. then I raised it to 50.00 height. I hope this doesn't happen to you.

Step 3: Inside of Holder

use a cylinder that's 30 by 30 by 80. then put it inside the middle of the first cylinder that we cut early.and raise it about 7.00 off of the ground.

Step 4: Decorate and Print

Add the first cylinder that we just cut and add it to the second cylinder. then add a ring to the middle with the dimensions 42.00 by 42.00 and do the lightest green color. Then print and paint the top edge tan. then add a candle.