Introduction: Bamboo Nightlight.

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This is a fun and fast project! The materials needed are very inexpensive. If you have your own outdoor bamboo plant you'll know there are always extra stalks for projects.



*a drill or drill press

*a pack of drill bits

*a step bit

*a hand saw

*a file

*clip light

*hand sander

*sand paper

Step 1: Cutting the Bamboo.

Cut the bamboo to length with any saw you wish to use. i used a hand saw. The knuckle should be about 1 inch from the bottom cut.

Step 2: Drilling and More Drilling.

I used the drill press and different sized bits to create designs. I used one of the larger bits to drill a hole in the side of the bottom for the cord. I used a hand drill and a step drill bit to drill the hole in the bottom for the clip light. Check to see if the light fits in the bottom hole.

Step 3: Finishing Touches.

Smooth the outside and the inside.

Step 4:

I cut the top at an angle on a table saw. Insert light and plug in!

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