Introduction: Industrial Style Primary Letters

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Upcycle gradeschool magnetic letters! These colorful plastic primary letters are easy to find at thrift stores, but, many of us already have a refrigerator full of them!

Although they're fun to play with and very educational, they're not very aesthetic and can make a kitchen look cluttered. Spray paint that works on plastic comes in many colors and special finishes......the possibilities are almost endless!

I used hammered silver spray paint to give my letters an industrial look.

These letters shouldn't be painted until everyone in your home is older than 3 and no longer putting things in their mouths


  • Magnetic letters or numbers
  • Spray paint for plastic

Step 1: Painting the Letters

Lay the letters out in rows on a piece of cardboard outside.

Wear proper eye protection and a mask

Spray paint the letters according to the instructions on the can.

Make sure to paint all visible bits of plastic.

There's no need to paint the backs.

Step 2: Leave Fun Notes!

The paint I used left a realistic metal texture!

Now you can display the letters on a refrigerator or any metal service that will work with magnets!

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