Introduction: Recycled Plastic Icicle Decoration

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It's easy to make a bunch of decorative icicles from clear plastic bottles.

They look especially pretty strung onto a string of mini battery operated lights.

I'm saving all my bottles, now, to create dozens of icicles for my Christmas tree!


• clear plastic bottles, washed

• candle

• scissors

•hole punch or awl

• Goo Gone

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Use a clear plastic bottle from your recycling bin.

Use Goo Gone to remove the sticky residue from the bottles.

Wash the bottles with warm water and dish soap.

Gather scissors that have a sharp point and any candle you have.

Step 2: Cutting the Bottles

Cut the top and bottom off of the bottles.

Cut the bottles down the center so the plastic can lay flat.

Cut the piece of plastic into 1/2 inch strips that come to a point at one end.

Step 3: Shaping the Icicles

Hold the strips of plastic about an inch over the flame, pulling outward on both ends of the plastic strip.

The plastic will want to twist one way, that is the way you will want to twist your icicle.

Punch a hole in the end that isn't pointed with a paper punch or an awl.

WARNING! the fire and the plastic will be HOT so do not hold your fingers directly above the flame or touch the recently heated plastic.

Step 4: Display Icicles

You can use these to decorate your house plants or Christmas tree.

It's fun to manipulate the plastic and they make up very quickly!

String them on to tiny lights or fishing line or create hooks with wire for each icicle.

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