Introduction: Bamboo Powerbank

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Nowadays, people are more and more busy with their smartphone. Thus, needs of power for the phone are increasing and people will have get powerbank to recharge it. Well, in this steps, I would like to share how to create your own recycled powerbank. Bamboo and old laptop batteries ? why not ?

Let’s try it!!!

Step 1: What You Need ?

What you need :

A. Tools

1. Sandpaper

2. Soldering Iron

3. Soldering Wire

4. Knife

5. Hammer

6. Scissors

B. Materials

1. Bamboo

2. Old Laptop Battery Li-ion 18650

3. Micro USB Kit 3-in-1 powerbank 1.3A, BB-64C

4. Wires

5. Super Glue

Step 2: Materials Preparation : Bamboo

A. Bamboo :

First step is we cut the bamboo into small pieces. cut it like you making flat bamboo. Then, connecting bamboo part with super glue and bamboo or wood dust. Put a little glue and sprinkle the dust on the top of it. cover the whole hole cracks with the dust, so the bamboo will get stronger to be used later.

Step 3: Materials Preparation : Bamboo

We need to sand the bamboo with sandpaper or it will easier and faster if you have belt sander machine at home, you can sand it as smooth as you can to make more good-looking product.

After you finish, then, cut the bamboo into small pieces again.
8cm X 11cm ( 2 Pieces)

3cm X 11cm ( 2 pieces )

8cm X 3cm ( 2 pieces )

Glue it with super glue together, but remember to leave one side open for the top and the USB base.
Bamboo part for the USB base, make a small hole which is will have same size as the USB Kit shape, you can use manual method with knife or by using laser cutter.

Step 4: Materials Preparation : Old Laptop Battery

When your laptop is not working again don’t throw it directly to the garbage. You can check the voltage of the batteries first, the average number is 3,5 -3,7 volt is still good to be used to build one powerbank. Then, separate them to one cell battery.

Step 5: Micro USB Kit

The steps is to connecting the wires to the USB module. cut the wires ( positive and negative ). Open the isolation on the wires little bit until you can see the silver part inside. Then, twist the silver part so it will make easier for you to do soldering, After you got 2 wires of positive and negative and perfect size of the hole, then, connecting to the micro USB kit. (on the USB there is symbol for you to identify which one is negative and positive).

Step 6: Finishing

After do all the soldering, now the final step is to close the top to the box with glue, then, you sand it again until you get the smooth surface of the bamboo.