Introduction: Bamboo Torch From Old Laptop Battery

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What do you do when you have old laptop battery and LED from Old TV ? hmmm, hmmm, hmmm,

Surprisingly, one of the answer is to make torch from it.

Step 1: What You Need


1. Soldering Iron

2. Glue Gun

3. Heat Gun

4. Wire Strippers

5. Scissors

6. Knife

7. Paper Tape

8. soldering wire


1. Micro USB Power Bank Module (1)

2. Old Laptop Battery 3,7 V Li-ion 18650 ( 3 cells)

3. Old LED from TV (1-3 light)

4. Switch (1)

5. Resistor (1)

6. Bike Tube

7. Plastic Bottle (1)

8. Can (1)

9. Perspex or Hard Plastic from DVD cover

10. Bamboo (13cm)

11. Wire for the negative and positive connection.

Step 2: Testing Components :

1. Check out the voltage of the old laptop batteries by using of multimeter. The number of the volt is 3.7v, connecting negative and positive probes to each side of the battery.

2. Then, on the screen will show you the number, if the number is around 3.6-3.8v it means the old batteries are still good to be used.

3. Next one is to check the LED’s old TV. Use the same multimeter and turn the dial to the diode symbol on it. Connect the 2 probes to each edge of the LED wire.

4. If the LED is turn on, we can use it as the light. If not, then look for the other one.

Step 3: Battery Connection

A. Take off the batteries from the case. Open it smoothly using nose plier or others tool to take the batteries. It is quite hard to get it, so always be careful.

B. Test the status of the batteries.

C. If everything is fine, then take 3 batteries to be used.

D. Wire batteries in parallel with paper tape ( it is optional, so you can use others thing to tight the batteries. Ex, bike tube) to make it neat and to insulate, protecting the batteries.

E. After it is good, then connecting each side of the batteries with soldering wire and common wire (positive to positive and negative to negative). Or you can use the the thing that still stick to the batteries it self.

Step 4: LED

1. We use LED from old flat TV, if you do not have old LED you can order from electronic shop for the new one.

2. Look closely for the connecting negative and positive on the LED.

3. Then, solder wire to make connection to the batteries with short wire. ( make sure there are 2 different color of the wire to make you easier to define which one for negative and positive).

4. If there are any connection for two wire, use the wire strippers to keep the wire from other contact.

Step 5: Charging Module and Switch

1. Take the Perspex or hard plastic, cutting in circle pattern adjusting with size of the top of the bottle that you use.

2. Make hole on it using knife, first measure the micro USB module to get the correct size of it.

3. Using glue gun to stick the module to the hard plastic.

for the switch :

a. Any kind of switch you can use for the On and Off light.

b. To put the switch into the bamboo, you need to make small hole according to the switch size that used.

c. You can use machine or knife to make it bigger for the hole.

d. Putting the switch to the bamboo, then glue it to cover the small holes.

Step 6: Wiring All the Components Together

a. Connecting the batteries wire to the module using soldering wire, solder it to each side negative and positive. You can look carefully which one for the negative and positive on the module, it is written already for the wiring.

b. Then, next step is for the LED wiring. You take other short wire to connect to the LED, from negative side of the batteries to negative of the LED.

c. For the positive side of LED you need to connect and solder to the switch.

d. Take other short small wire to connect the other one of the switch to the module. Do not forget to put one resistance in between of the switch and module wiring. (look t the connection block diagram to make sure the wiring connection for each items).

Step 7: All the Components

a. Putting the 3 batteries into the bamboo, make sure the batteries are in safety position.

b. Take a small bamboo to be the LED support base. On the top of the support base, you need to put some glue to stick it to the LED.

c. Then, cutting the can and use only the button part of the can. We use the can here to be the reflector of the light, so the light from LED could be brighter.

d. Cut the bike tube into small piece, the bike tube is for the water proof protection of the torch.

Step 8: All the Components

e. Cut the plastic bottle and take only the button part of the bottle to be used for the protection of the LED. Use the heat gun to melt the plastic bottle so it can be stick to the bamboo and bike tube.

f. For the top of the torch you do the similar thing like on the button part, first you need to cut the bike tube in small O-ring shape then you apply to the bamboo.

g. Take the top of the bottle which you cut already, stick the module to the bottle with glue gun.

h. Then, use heat gun to melt the plastic to bamboo.

Step 9: Finish

The last step is to cover the bamboo with bike tube, cut the bike tube according with the size of the bamboo.

Step 10: