Introduction: Crunchy Dried Fruits - Sun Dryer

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Crunchy fruits will always be my favorite snacks to eat all the time, the sweetness and yummy taste we can get it at once. Yet, by buying a package of dried fruit is quite expensive in my city, therefore, here I would like to share Step-by-step how to build your own sun dryer at home, so you can dry your sweet fruits on your way.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need for building it ;

A. Tools

1. Hand Saw

2. Hand Driller

3. Scissors

4. Pen

5. Measuring Tape

6. Hammer

7. Brush

8. Needle

B. Materials

1. Wood

2. Bamboo

3. Wire Mesh

4. Plastic Sheet

5. Screw

6. Nail

7. Thread

8. Plywood

9. Velcro

10. Soft Fabric ‘

Step 2: Building the Foundation

For the Foundation, take the woods which had been cut. it’s bit similar like making small house but not to live in. Hand Driller and screws are really needed in this part.

here is the measurement for the wood to be cut;

1. 120 cm X 2

2. 100 cm X 2

3. 40cm X 6

4. 70cm X 7

5. 60cm X 2

Step 3: Supporting Trays

The Main structure is done, the continue step is by making place to put your trays. the size of the supporting tray is optional, here I only apply small pieces of wood instead of using long block of wood. This is also to save of wood usage.

Step 4: Making the Trays

It is easy step to do it, you just need to cut piece of bamboo into 4 pieces. then, sand it little bit so it will not hurt your hands while you take the tray part. Cut the wire mesh as the size of the bamboo frame that you made before use pliers to cut the wire mesh, attach the wire to the bamboo's frame. You can hammering the wire to the bamboo on the edge.

the measurement ;

1. 75cm X 12
2. 44,5cm X12

Step 5: Plastic Sheet

It's bit tricky to choose the type of plastic. I chose plastic that is thick enough so it will be last long life to be used and has good quality to put it under the sun for long term.

Step 6: Plywood

There are 2 part that using plywood, one is for the bottom part of the sun dryer and the other one is for the air circulation. As we building something to dry we need to make air circulation so it’s not humid inside.

Step 7: Velcro Tape

For make it easier, I use velcro to cover the backside of the dryer.

Step 8: Fruits Cutting

Finally your own homemade sun dryer is done !! Last part is to prepare the fruit slices. there are many kind of fruit and you are freely to choose whatever you like to dried.

Cut fruits as thin as possible, because it will affect the drying process. Then, put them to the trays that been cleaned before. Give a little space in between so it doesn't stick together.

Step 9: Drying Time

Next, you can put them in to the dryer. Drying process will takes time depending on the how much sunlight is available in your area and the thickness of slices as well. In normal process, it will only takes 2 days or more to get the perfect crunchy of the fruits.

you can check to my youtube channel to deep more how to build it,