Introduction: Banana Popsicles

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So you went to the store and bought bananas, but then you just didn't feel like eating them for a week and they got all soft and you only like yellow almost green bananas. So now what? Your wife says No Bread in the way Edna Mode says No Capes from the Incredibles movie. She is on an anti carb kick you know. How about popsicles? All you need is 3 simple ingredients, and a freezer. Two munchkins to help mix are recommended but it can be completed without.

You will need:

3 bananas - ripe like you would use for banana bread

1/3 cup peanut butter of your choice. Creamy Jif here.

2 Table Spoons of Honey (also equals 1/8th cup), local if available. Support the bees you know.


Mixing bowl

Something to mix with

measuring cups

A freezer or other sweet device that makes things really cold.

popsicle containers,

Small children to help

Step 1: Put All Ingredients Into the Bowl

Peeling the bananas is recommended. Small children will do that for you but you will be required to clean their hands as they will squish the banana while doing such.

Add in the honey. Ensure both small children get a spoonful or whining will ensue. It is also important to make sure the spoon fulls are the exact same amount.

Add in the peanut butter. Claim the spoon from the peanut butter for yourself. It's ok to do such, I sure did.

Mix together, or task small children to do it for you.

Don't over mix. You want some chunks of banana in the mix so don't use a mixer.

Once mixed, spoon into popsicle containers. It should make six unless your dishwasher ate one once, and then this recipe will make 5.

Freeze for about 4 hours.

Shelf life of 8 minutes once fully frozen, unless you hide one for later when the kids go to bed.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I mean my kids do. Lets be honest, I have eaten two while typing this.......

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