Introduction: Banana Tree (Machala/Ecuador)


I want to show them how to make this amazing model. It's a banana tree. In Ecuador, in the province of El Oro is the world's largest banana capital. The banana is a great fruit, as it gives us potassium and gives us strength. I was inspired by El Oro, since my family on my mother's side lives there and also because my maternal grandfather harvested, planted and cared for this fruit. The steps will be super simple and the figures the same. I hope you like it and let's get started!

Step 1:

First, we go to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and put in Tinkercard,com Login or create an account. Once you´re at Tinkecard, you click "create a design". After that you write the name of your design.

Step 2:

After titting your design, let´s start with the base, on the right side are the figures and many more shapes. Then flatten where it says "basic figures" and make/choose the polygon to the working plane, so thatthe polygon is in the place you prefer to create the design.

Step 3:

we crush the polygon and make it smaller so that it looks like a tree trunk. We continue taking more polygons and we are locating it where the first polygon is. We are making it higher until we reach five polygons. We shade all the polygons and put "group" or (ctrl + g). This helps the five polygons become 1

Step 4:

Now it's time to do the leaves, we're going to go to the basic shapes and crush and we're going to shape generators and crush "all". It's going to show you a lot more shapes and forms. At the bottom are the pages and we move to page 16, where you will see a figure that says "new banana". Although it sounds strange with that figure we will make the leaves and the bananas. We also move it to the working plane and modify it in such a way that it is not so big or so small. It has to look like a leaf. As this straight line the figure has to be edited to have curves and look like a leaf. On the right side of the at sign there is a white box with tools that tells you to edit color, or shape. We move the "curvature" until it reaches 1.44. We duplicate the leaves with (ctrl+c) (ctrl+v) and put each duplication around the trunk so that it looks like a tree.

Step 5:

Now it's our turn to do the bananas. We also go to the right side and put "new banana" again. We apply it to the working plane and shrink it, turn it around and set the curvature to -1.29. We also copy and paste one next to the other. It depends on how many bananas you want to put in. When you have the desired set of bananas, put (ctrl + g) or "group". As it is already a figure we move it under the leaves and in such a way that it looks realistic. You can put it on the floor or all over, it depends on the style of each of you.

Step 6:

We already have the whole tree. Now we have the landscape. You can alter it or whatever you want. To make this landscape and duplicate the trees to put them in more places, we must select the tree and put "group" or (ctrl + g) You can search in "all" a lawn and make it bigger or smaller. There are many figures like stars, flowers, walls, houses, many geometric figures and many more. In my case I put up a stone wall and laid it out in such a way that it looks like a rocky street. For the sign "Welcome to El Oro" I used a rectangle and made it thin and raised it up and took the cylinder and also made it look like a post. For the letters you go where it says text and write which word or letter. And that's it. I hope you liked it and it served you well. Thank you very much.

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