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As I was deciding what to be for Halloween I happened to watch the Dark Knight Rises. After watching it I was inspired to be Bane for Halloween, because I wanted to have a little challenge and I always thought Bane was a cool character.
This is my first Instructable. Please Enjoy, and leave comments.

I also apologize right now for the bad quality of my pictures.
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Step 1: The Materials


Bane Costume
The mask:
-paint respirator
-Lego Technic tubes (or other similar tubes)
-mesh material
-plastic Tupperware and drill or hole-punch
-1/2" electrical tube
-small metal rings (at fabric stores)

The vest:
-a vest (for base)
-black vinyl
-quilt batting or foam

The pants:
-black pants
-knee-pads (optional)

The gauntlet:
-black vinyl

Bane Jacket (optional)

Also Needed:
-lots of hot glue
-White glue
-air drying clay
-black spray paint

Step 2: The Mask Part 1:respirator


I used a 3M paint respirator for the base of my bane mask. Here is the mask I used.PAINT MASK
I started the mask by cutting out where the mouthpiece would go, then I cut out a piece of plastic from a plastic ice-cream bucket and drilled holes in it. 
Once that was done I positioned it, then glued it in then cut down the mask, so it wasn't too big.
After that I started to make the tubes for the mask. I stared with the ones that go onto the mouthpiece.

For the 4 tubes on the top I started by cutting out 4 identical small circular pieces of black foamie, then 4 identical plastic tubes out of pens, for the Lego Technic tubes to go into. I then cut the tubes down to size and put some paper clip wire inside them for stability. To finish them off I put the top end of the Technic tubes into cut-down Pen caps and glue it all together
For the 2 bottom tubes I did the same as the top 4 tubes, except I didn't use the black foamie, and instead of the Technic tubes going into pen caps I just used more pen tubes.

All of the tubes around these four tubes were straws, which go into pen tubes, which connect on the mask. I did not measure anything, but I looked a the Bane mask from the movie for reference.

Once all these tubes were done I added detail by cutting out black foamie to bulk up and reinforce certain parts parts of the mask and use some black fabric on the edges of the mask to cover up the edges. One other thing that I added later to the mask was add then sculpt some clay around the top part of the mask, and by the mouthpiece to make it more authentic. This step can be done right now

Step 3: The Mask Part 2:headpeice


The headpiece was very annoying, because I wanted it to fit tightly, so I had to do a lot of planning.
I started by cutting out paper templates, and trying them on to get a rough idea of how to start the headpiece. 

After that I made the sides of the mask. To make these I cut out two roughly rectangular pieces of foamie, then I cut down the top to match the movie. Once this was done I traced these onto another foamie piece, then cut about 1cm inside of where I traced, so it would be smaller. Once this was done I cut out a hole onto the the larger piece, in the shape of the ones on the movie mask, using an exacto knife. I then traced the hole onto the smaller piece, then cut it out about 1cm larger.
These pieces where then attached to the respirator, buy gluing fabric the the respirator, then the sides to the fabric.

With the sides completed I began to work on the top. I originally cut out fabric in the shape of the template I had made earlier, then tested how the fabric would fit with the sides. I ended up cutting down the sides a bit, so that they overlapped the sides by about 1 inch. Then with all that completed, and the fabric base correctly adjusted the back was  pinned and sewed, so it would lie flat against the back of the head, then glued the sides with white glue, so they wouldn't fray. Once the glue dried I glued a piece of fabric to the mask, then glued the headpiece fabric to that fabric, to attach it to the respirator part.

A foamie piece was then cut out in the shape of the top of the mask, which was then covered in a canvas piece cut out a bit larger than the foamie, so it overlapped onto the bottom of the mask.  The 1/2" electrical tubing was then cut in half down the sides, and glued onto the sides of the canvas, on the top of the mask. With the tubing on the ends of the noisemakers were cut off, then cut in half and glued onto both ends of each of the tubes. I then cut out 8 identical foamie strips to go over the tubes, and 1 larger for the front part. After the strips were added I glued the noisemakers on the front of the tubes to the clay on the respirator

I also put foamie on the fabric parts to the side of the canvas

Once this was done I put velcro onto the sides of the mask and the back side part, to connect the mask together

With the mask assembled all I did from here on was add detail. The majority of the detailing was done with foamie,with some wire parts added as well as the mesh material for the back. Everything was glued with hot glue. I mainly looked at pictures of Banes mask, and did my best to imitate it. 

With the detailing done your mask is finished, except for the paint job.
I started by spray paining the mask black. You may have to use several coats, but be patient.
Once the black was dry I started by painting all the tubes on the front of the mask a solid dark silver. Once this was dry I drybrushed them a lighter silver. To finish off the front part I added some copper detailing. All the detailing on the sides of the mask were painted the same way as the silver on the respirator part, except the mesh was painted an olive green color. To complete the paint job I mixed a dark blue and black together to paint the strips on the top of the mask.

With the paint job done I added some metal rings I got from a fabric store on the the strips on top and the mask was done!

Step 4: The Vest


The vest was started by using a vest I bought at a Thrift store as base. Because the vest was meant to be jipped up I had to make it wider by adding some fabric to the front of the vest. I made sure I could get it on over my head.

Next I looked at pictures of Banes vest and got a good idea of what the armor was like I made paper templates, which I placed on the vest to make sure that they fit. Once I was assured that everything fit I taped the paper to some black vinyl and cut out the amour. Once  it was cut out I glued some quilt batting to the back of the vinyl, so the armor would look like it wasn't just flat. Be sure to leave enough of a gap around the edges of the vinyl to be able to glue it onto the vest.
NOTE: foam can be substituted instead of quilt batting

Once the batting was on the vinyl, I positioned, then hot glued the vinyl on.

With the vinyl armor on all you have to do is add belts. There is no right, or wrong way to do this. I just bought a bunch of belts a thrift store, and glued them on so that they looked kind of like banes.

That's it, Your done Bane's Vest!

Step 5: The Gauntlet


To make the gauntlet, all you need to do is cut out a rectangle of black vinyl large enough to wrap around your arm from your wrist, until about mid-forearm. Once you have made sure of this, you can glue the vinyl together, into a cylinder. Once this is done, put it on until it covers about half of your hand, and make a mark where your thumb is then cut out a hole for your thumb.

After that glue on belts, to your own desire, and  viola! Your done Bane's gauntlet.

Step 6: The Pants


The pants are just black sporty pants I bought from a thrift store, with kneepads

Step 7: Jacket and Boots


If you have a Bane-like jacket or boots you can use that with your costume too for added effect!

Step 8: Complete Bane Costume

This is the complete Bane Costume:
Jacket and Boots (optional)

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