Introduction: Banksy-style CCTV Mobile

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Want to raise a kid to be ready for the surveillance society? Get started the right way with a CCTV mobile! This is based off of a drawing by the street artist Banksy and is not for sale. All of the files you need to make are free here.

Now, let's make this thing!

Step 1: Model the CCTV and Centerpiece

I could've just drawn the cameras, they're not that complicated, but instead I decided to just model it in SketchUp once so I could quickly make different angles of it. 

The SketchUp file below has two mirrored versions of the CCTV in the same space. Rotate both together to get a new angle and hide one at a time for each image you need of it.

With the resulting images, flip one of the images so that they can be attached back to back.

As for the centerpiece, I recreated that in Illustrator.

Step 2: Print and Cut

Print out the attached PDFs and cut them out with scissors or an X-Acto knife.

Step 3: Glue It!

Take each pair of images and glue together

Step 4: Prep Pieces and Hanger

Poke holes in each of the pieces. To get them to hang the way you want, do this:
  1. Find the center of gravity by balancing it on your fingertip
  2. Hold the piece the way you want it to hang
  3. Poke a hole anywhere directly above the center of gravity
  4. It's science!
As for the hanger, I just cut up a couple strips off of a cardboard box, attached them, and poked holes in the ends.

Step 5: Hang It!

Attach everything with thread and hang it above a future obedient citizen.

Carry on.