Introduction: Banner Badge Display

Time: 20 minutes each Banner

My daughters wanted to join girl scouts but, with very limited options where we live, I decided to do something similar. So, four years ago we started collecting badges and pins when we went to new places. I also set up activities for my daughters to earn badges when learning or doing something new. Yesterday, I was discussing new badges to earn and my youngest daughter, Gina, noted how small her badge holder was and that eventually she would have to make a new one......Project Time! Let's make a banner!

Step 1: Pinning

1. Pick a sturdy Fabric and cut it to the length and with you desire. *We made new banner (badge display) because the old ones were too small. (Ours length was 42 inches long and 21 inches wide).

2. Pin both sides about half inch.

3. Fold down the top two inches and pin.

Step 2: Sew & Glue

4. A quick sew of both sides and top.

5. Set out the badges and pins while the glue gun heats up.

6. Glue each patch down. *You can also use fabric glue.

* Family Fun was earned during a family game night.

*They also added pins they had traded in Disneyworld.

Step 3: Bead & Hang


7. used twine and added a little loop to hang it

8. Cut 1/2 inch (fringe) slits across the bottom of the banner and add beads. (Also, a great math Measurement/pattern lesson)

9. Hang and enjoy!

My girls can't wait to add to their new banners!

* This badge system is such a great addition to any homeschooling program or as a Summer activity!