Introduction: Bar House

To make this you will need to know the basics of Tinkercad.

Step 1: Get a Square and Make It Big.

Step 2: Get a Hole Cube and Group the Two Squares Together.

Step 3: Add a Smaller Square and That Will Be the Door.

Step 4: Do the Same Thing With the Door-

But put the square on the other side and make it hole.

Step 5: Change the Color to a Brown or What Ever Color You Want

Then, make a table.

To do this, get a square and make it thin and long. Then make another square and put it under the thin square. Don't forget to put them together using the group button.

Step 6: Make a Chair and Put It in the Corner With the Table.

To make the chair, get a circle and make it thin. Then get another circle and make it long upwards. Put them together using the group button.

Then copy and paste it next to the first one.

Step 7: Make the Door by Getting Long Squares and Putting Them Like the Picture Above

Then group them together,

Step 8: Get the Acrade Machine in the OMSI Hangout in Tinkercad

It's near the same place where you would get your shapes.

Step 9: Make Some Shelves

Step 10: Make a Floor.

Get a square and make it flat. You can change it to any color you like.

Step 11: Get a Hole Square and Put It As the Roof.

Put it over the room so that you can still see though it. Then get two full squares and put it up like the pictures show.

Step 12: Now You Have a Bar House.