Introduction: Barbequed Fruit Salad Bowls

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Delicious candy like barbequed fruit in easy to hold, disposable bowls

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Equal parts of your favorite fruits (i used the following):











Additional Option for pirates:


Step 2: Prepping Your Fruit

1. Chop all your fruit into bite sized pieces.

2. Place them into a large container and mix well. This would be a good time for all the pirates to add their rum, and try not to go overboard (no pun intended).

3. Cover you fruit container and let it sit in the refrigerator.

Step 3: Prepping Your Oranges

1. Slice off a small piece from the top of your orange, just a little bit past the rind, into the actual orange.This piece will not be needed.

2. Slice off another piece so you have a nice thick ring. you should still have about 2/3 of your original orange still intact.

3. Using a small knife, carefully remove the orange from the peels. Try not to cut any holes though them, or damage the rings. I would suggest that you do this into a large bowl instead of into your bowl of fruit mix. You will not want to use all of the oranges and juice in the final mix, it will over power the other fruits.

4. Press out the remaining juice from your orange bowls. You can use a potato peeler to get out the excess pulp, this will not be needed. Once your bowls are clean place them in the refrigerator until needed.

5. Add an equal part of orange pieces to your fruit mix a place it in the refrigerator or at least a 3 hours, preferably over night if possible.

Step 4: Making Your Fruit Bowls

1. Fill your orange bowls with fruit. You can add a little extra on top that can be held in place by the ring.

2. Wrap it in aluminum foil and grill until warm.

3. When serving, use the ring as a stand for your bowl to rest on.

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