Introduction: Barberry Rice With Chicken

Barberry Rice with chicken is one of the delicious Iranian dishes that has many fans in homes and restaurants


Barberry: 100 gr

Raisins: 100 gr

Rice: 700 gr

Chicken: 600 gr

Onion: 100 gr

Saffron: 5 gr

Tomato paste: 100 gr

Butter: 200 gr

Sugar: 100 gr

Salt and turmeric: in the required amount

Step 1: Preparation

provide the supplies

Step 2: Chicken

Add salt and turmeric to the chicken and put it in a pot and put the butter on top of the chicken so that it melts with low heat.

Add boiling water to the tomato paste and gradually add it to the chicken.

Step 3: Rice

Wash and brew the rice.

Roast the barberry and raisins with butter add sugar to it. Put some rice on barberry and raisins and add brewed saffron and mix.

Step 4: Serving

Now the food is ready

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