Introduction: Jewelry Chocolate

Jewelry chocolate is a decorative piece of jewelry to be installed on clothes that will double the beauty of the clothes


Invisible thread

natural leather


Beads in desired colors


E6000 glue


Thermal pen

Embroidery ring



Step 1: Designing

Design the chocolate and draw with Thermal pen on the felt and place it inside the Embroidery ring.

Step 2: Sewing on Line

Sew the small beads on line with a needle and invisible thread

Step 3: Sewing Around

Sew the pink beads with needle and invisible thread around it

Step 4: Sewing Inside

Sew the middle of the work with desired beads in different parts with a needle and invisible thread

Step 5: Cutting

When all the sew is finished, take the chocolate out of the Embroidery ring and cut it from the working edge with a 3 mm margin.

Step 6: Cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the chocolate and stick it to the felt with E6000 glue.

Step 7: Natural Leather

Cut the natural leather to the dimensions of the chocolate and stick it to the back of the work.

Step 8: Pin

Stick a pin to the natural leather on the back of the work

Step 9: Finally

Finally, select the small beads in the desired color and sew the chocolate around with it.

Step 10: It Is Ready

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