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Have you noticed Barbie's makeup is always flawless? My daughter says that's because she always has her makeup in her purse. Now she doesn't have to pretend the makeup is there.

I made this printable for my daughter's dolls and I'll share it with you now, so you can make a little girl happy too.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


A cereal box

Clear nail polish

Pink and black marker

Glue stick

A little bit of modelling clay

Two pins

This printable

Step 2: Make an Eyeshadow Set and Blush

Cut off the 4 pieces together.

Glue them to the cereal box

Cut piece by piece.

The one with the mirror has a tab at the bottom, that tab shouldn't be glued to the cardboard, so cut off that little piece of cardboard.

Put glue to the back of the piece with my webpage.

Glue the tab of the mirror piece. Then glue the eyeshadows.

Close it and glue the top piece.

With the marker paint the edges.

Repeat with the blush.

Step 3: Make the Mascara and Brush

Cut the pieces.

With the closed scissors or the edge of a table make the paper curl in the widest part. This way it will be easier to roll it up.

Put glue to the last 2 or 3 cms.

Insert the pins in the clay, put the brush and mascara as shown in the picture. It will help us hold the little pieces while we cover the paper with nail polish.

Give them one or two coats, wait until they're completely dry.

Step 4: Make the Foundation.

Cut, fold and glue the paper as shown in the first picture.

Curl the top part using the same technique we used with the brush and mascara.

That's it, now Barbie has new makeup!

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