Introduction: How to Make Fake Barbed Wire With Leather

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Last Halloween I needed harmless and safe barbed wire to accomplish my costume. Instead of buying pre-built barbed wire made out of leather I decided to make it on my own.

Step 1: The Leather Strap

Due to the lack of silver leather straps I used a black and a natural leather strap and painted it with silver acrylic paint.

Step 2: The Assembly

I've cut the leahter strap into different pieces and added the fake sharp edges or spikes arranged at intervals along the twirly strand. The cutting edge was covert with silver acrylic paint at last.

The cutting edge looks best when it's cut diagonal.

The entire assembly can be seen in the video.

Step 3: The Knots (close-up)

Due to some suggestions in the comments I made a short close-up video. I had no silver leather left over so I used black and red. The red leather was really soft, softer than the acrylic painted silver one.

The length of the pieces are exemplarily and fit to the diameter of my leather (2 mm). If you use thicker leather your pieces have to be longer I guess. Take a longer piece and wrapp it around the twirly strand so many times you like it, maybe 3 or 4 times. Finish the knot by pulling the long side through the loop. Cut off the expendable part. Open the knot and you have your perfect length. This piece will be your reference.

The knot allows you to move it along the twirly strand to find the perfect place to match your costume or prop. After I found all my perfect places I hot glued it to give it more stability.

Step 4: Thank You ...

... for reading, watching and paying attention. I hope you found this helpful and/or inspiring.

Please let me know if you've made it by yourself - maybe in a rusty-old steam punk or colorful rainbow design.

Hopefully Auf Wiedersehen in one of my next instructables.

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