Barrel Knot



Introduction: Barrel Knot

The barrel knot is a simple but attractive stopper knot at the end of a cord.

You will need a hemostat, forceps or needle nose pliers.

It is easier to tie if a small diameter dowel or metal rod is used.

Step 1:

Wrap cord around rod one time.

Step 2:

and again.

Step 3:

And a third time.

Step 4:

Go through the center of the knot with your hemostat and grab the cord end.

Step 5:

Pull the end through the knot.

Step 6:

Tighten on the rod as far as possible. Remove the rod and complete tightening if necessary.

Step 7: Extended Barrel Knot

Wrap the cord end around the rod an additional time (or more) and as before grab the cord end with the hemostat and . . . .

Step 8:

. . . . pull the cord end through the knot.

Step 9:

Tighten the knot on the rod. remove the rod and complete tightening if necessary.

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